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Welcome to our bioscience portal, where we will feature content and news about our program in biosciences.  Are you already a user?  Help us improve by taking this brief survey.

Our goal for the program is two fold:

1)  to introduce the bioscience community to open, web-based annotation;

2)  to explore specialized uses within the biosciences to inform future development.

Attention Biocurators:  Interested in controlled tagging using  We have developed some prototypes that allow to tag with controlled vocabularies and ontologies.  We’d like your feedback.  If interested, contact [email protected].

Also, many in the community are developing tools using that handle more specialized use cases.  See what they are up to and add your own.

Upcoming Events:

International Biocuration Meeting, March 26-29, 2017, Stanford University

Hypothesis will once again participate in the Gigascience Annotation Challenge

Whether you are a researcher, student, educator, journal editor, funder or just a fan of bioscience, we think that can become an essential part of your work.


Past Events:

Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, Nov 12-16, 2016

I Annotate 2016:  Berlin, May 19-20

Biocuration 2016:  Take the Community Curation Challenge!  Use and iClickVal to annotate as fast as you can, April 10 – 14, Geneva Switzerland

FORCE2016: will be at FORCE2016, April 17-19th in Portland.  Join us for the Annotating All Knowledge Kick Off Meeting on Sunday, April 17th and for our poster/demonstration at the main meeting.