Opening Meta

Yesterday, the scholarly communication + AI startup Meta signed an agreement to be acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). Aside from the initial news a few weeks ago and Joe Esposito’s article in the Scholarly Kitchen, I’ve seen few people remark on it. But it’s a big deal. A serious piece of scholarly infrastructure … Continued

Hypothesis: Meeting the Audrey Test for educational technology

Anyone working on or with educational technology should take the work of Audrey Watters—widely known as the “Cassandra” of #edtech—very seriously. If your work withers under Audrey’s critical gaze, you’ve got more work to do. In that spirit, I wanted to hold Hypothesis up to the kind of scrutiny that Audrey might provide. Back in 2012, Audrey … Continued

Annotating all Knowledge: Adventures in Interoperability

Coauthors:  Giulio Andreini, Francesca Di Donato, Peg Fowler,  Jon Udell The Annotating All Knowledge Coalition was founded as a forum for accelerating the development of a pervasive interoperable annotation layer across all scholarly works.  Figuring out what, exactly, an interoperable annotation layer means was one of the first goals of the coalition.  We took the … Continued

Register now for I Annotate 2017

Join us for I Annotate 2017, the fifth annual gathering dedicated to advancing digital annotation practices and technologies. With events in San Francisco during 3-6 May, I Annotate will continue to expand the annotation community to include more participants from education, journalism, publishing, research, science, and technology, focusing on themes of fact checking, user engagement, … Continued

Welcome Heather Staines, Director of Partnerships

Glad to Join the Conversation I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Hypothesis team as Director of Partnerships. As I wrote in my initial reachout to Hypothesis, sometimes you feel as if you have been preparing for something your entire life, as if there was a plan that you were aware of only subconsciously. … Continued

Our millionth annotation

It was getting close to midnight and the Hypothesis team was watching the counter of total annotations tick up: 999,646…999,752…999,845…by 10:37pm Pacific Time it was 999,959 and we knew we’d reach one million annotations that night. People all over the world were busy taking notes using Hypothesis—students, journalists, researchers, scientists, scholars—most without knowing that our … Continued

Counting down to a million annotations

Update: Our millionth annotation announced By the end of today, someone will make the one-millionth Hypothesis annotation. Who will it be? Will they be factchecking a news article? Linking crucial information to a scientific study? Unpacking a short story with other students? Collecting data for new research? We are about to find out! Join the … Continued

Who says neuroscientists don’t need more brains? Annotation with SciBot

You might think that neuroscientists already have enough brains, but apparently not. Over 100 neuroscientists attending the recent annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), took part in an annotation challenge: modifying scientific papers to add simple references that automatically generate and attach Hypothesis annotations, filled with key related information. To sweeten the pot, … Continued

A Hypothesis-powered toolkit for fact checkers

Overview In Annotating the wild west of information flow we sketched one of the ways annotation can help combat the plague of fake news. The approach we imagine there — an annotation-powered toolkit that supports an emerging standard for fact checking — remains a thought experiment. But journalists aren’t the only ones who need to … Continued

Football Leaks: Annotations and the Biggest Leak in Sports

Publications around the world are now reporting on what people are calling “the largest leak in the history of sport”: over 18 million documents that reveal the shadowy financial practices of some of Europe’s leading professional soccer stars. More than 60 journalists working in twelve countries developed the #footballleaks stories, working within European Investigative Collaborations … Continued