Test Our New Canvas App Prototype

We’re excited to begin closed alpha-testing a Hypothes.is app for Canvas in classrooms this fall. We’ve built this prototype as a first step towards a broader annotation solution for learning management systems and we want to connect with educators that can offer us early feedback on the project. The Hypothes.is Canvas app enables teachers to create … Continued

Annotating PDFs Without URLs

For sometime now, you’ve been able to annotate PDFs using Hypothes.is, both on the web and locally, with hosted PDFs syncing with local instances and various local instances syncing with each other. Jon Udell wrote about this magical feature here over a year go. For those that tried it out, however, there was one annoying snag, especially … Continued

Update to Hypothes.is WordPress Plugin: Configure PDFs to Open with Proxy

We’ve seen lots of great use of our WordPress plugin in the past year, from bloggers activating Hypothes.is in addition to or place of comments to teachers using Hypothes.is to have students close read literature or offer peer review on each other’s writing. The University of Oklahoma is actually shipping WordPress to professors and students with the Hypothes.is plugin already … Continued

Better tech via annotation: using Hypothesis to improve your technical documentation, code, and tutorials

This guest post was written by Dr. Amanda Visconti, a UX designer/developer & digital humanities assistant professor at Purdue University Libraries. You can follow her @Literature_Geek or read her posts on digital humanities web development and other DH experimentation at LiteratureGeek.com. Hypothesis makes inline annotation on any web resource possible: a visually small change from … Continued

Letters to the Next President 2.0

Letters to the Next President 2.0 supports educators in providing interest-driven opportunities to foster and encourage youth voice and civic engagement. The project provides resources, learning opportunities, and curriculum ideas that help educators leverage the excitement around a national election by engaging youth in the US with reading, writing, and media-making about issues that matter. … Continued

Classrooms Annotating the State of the Union

We’re annotating tonight here: State of the Union address Or, for a direct link that includes the Hypothes.is application, click here: State of the Union address (with Hypothes.is proxied) One of the coolest experiences I’ve had with collaborative annotation is watching folks live-annotate a document just made public. This happens everyday on Rap Genius when new music is … Continued

The Literary Anthology in the Age of Web Annotation

On Monday (December 14th, 2015), we hosted the first in a series of webinars focused on the pedagogy of web annotation. A recording of the live stream is viewable below and at the Google+ page for the event. This first installment, “The Literary Anthology in the Age of Web Annotation,” was focused on using web annotation in the English classroom and … Continued

Undergrad Shannon Griffiths on Using Hypothesis in the Classroom

This blog was written and published by Shannon Griffiths, an English major at Plymouth State University. Her professor, Robin DeRosa, is using Hypothesis in several of her classes this term. Check out her Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature, hosted on PressBooks and annotated using Hypothesis by her undergraduates. Hi everybody! Today I just wanted … Continued