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  1. Oct 2019
    1. I played WoW.

      I assume your opinion will come out in later parts of this story, but do you have any interest in playing the recently released WoW Classic?

    1. I don't speak Greek, my six or seven phrases get me through the day so far, classes begin next week. Still, everyone speaks English here, and the hardest part isn't communicating but to practice Greek (Cypriot Greek is a whole 'nother animal, too) in a country everyone is so extremely friendly and helpful, they'll switch to English the second they notice someone struggle.

      A place where learning the language is in a warm, welcoming environment - how refreshing! Makes me think of places where we learn other "languages" (ie: programming, science, music) and how unwelcoming they can be.

      I never thought of language fluency connected to a community, but your post makes that relationship crystal clear. Thanks!

  2. Sep 2019
    1. Where, in the beginning, I cared about dislikes, I stopped being affected by them. In the end, they meant interaction. Interaction meant positive attention by YouTube itself, and with that a chance at the Recommendations.

      Interesting to bring up the negative side of interaction. Just because someone interacts with your post beyond a like or downvote it doesn't mean it is a worthwhile interaction. I wonder if there could be a way to make those kind of interactions happen less.

    1. Should someone annotate anything on this site, you'll find it either directly on the post/page, or in this collection.

      Trying to think if there is a way to have the annotations updated directly onto a Write.as post using the API's for Hypothesis and Write.as respectively.

      That way it could just be pinned like the About page. Maybe could be called Comments or Annotations?

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