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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Knock yourself out

      Comment on this comment how you like it :)

    2. This is a page note. It's essentially a comment on the page, not a specific part of it.

    3. German language blog at heymikka.wtf in a day or two

      Even though this is more a personal ego-blog kind of place.

    4. needs a robust way to annotate, comment, highlight, and collect

      Which heavily goes across the grain of "publish and proclaim" that has been permeating Open Science for years, now.

  2. Aug 2017
    1. rightthink

      Nicht zu verwechseln mit "Groupthink", welches seine Richtigkeit aus der allgemeinen Meinung zieht statt der Vorgabe eines "Experten"

    2. Schwurbel

      Unbelegter Unfug, oft unter dem Mantel einer wissenschaftlich klingenden Argumentationsführung.