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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Is anything like this possible with the new setup?
    2. is there a way we can specify for image build layers to be included in the pull?
    3. Sorry, I don't totally know how the internals work, but does there currently exist a workaround? By that I mean, can I pull an image, then run it at a layer other than the top layer? (I basically use this for testing purposes, its certainly possible to build the image myself then do it, but its slightly less convenient)
    1. The Chinese Internet also illustrates the importance of theorizing online expression based on a representative spectrum of digital environments.

      How does Chinese cancel culture differ from American cancel cuture? Is this phenomenon different worldwide?

    1. The study traces the interrelationships of the utterances of emergent bilingual stu-dents discussing text in English for the first time in the context of a small-group discus-sion focused on English-language picture books.

      How do did they code the "utterances" of students?

  2. Oct 2020
    1. I really dont need a solution to this problem! I can find many workararounds

      Actually, the answer that was given was a good answer, as it pointed to the problem: It was a reminder that you need to:

      assign to a locally declared variable.

      So I'm not sure the answer was intended to "just" be a solution/workaround, but to help correct or fill in the misunderstanding / forgotten piece of the puzzle to help OP realize why it wasn't working, and realize how reactivity is designed to work (based on assignments).

      It was a very simplified answer, but it was meant to point in the right direction.

      Indeed, it pointed to this main point that was explained in more detail by @rixo later:

      Personally, this also totally aligns with my expectations because in your function fruit can come from anywhere and be anything:

    1. “"

      Which character is this referring to exactly?

      It looks like the empty string, which wouldn't make sense.

      https://www.postgresql.org/docs/13/functions-matching.html only lists these 2:

      If pattern does not contain percent signs or underscores, then the pattern only represents the string itself; in that case LIKE acts like the equals operator. An underscore (_) in pattern stands for (matches) any single character; a percent sign (%) matches any sequence of zero or more characters.

    1. Steele has noted that stereotype threat is most likely in areas of performance in which individuals are particularly motivated

      Stereotype threat is an important factor in student performance that faculty should be aware of, particularly with marginalized students and adult learners who may not identify as successful students, but how does it affect their own performance as instructors? If they care about teaching, but don't identify primarily as instructors, does this limit their teaching ability?

    2. Social dimensions of identity are linked to social roles or characteristics that make one recogniz-able as a member of a group, such as being a woman or a Christian (Tajfel and Turner, 1979).

      How do social dimensions of identity influence instructional decisions?

    3. priming learners to adopt a multicultural mindset may support more-divergent think-ing about multiple possible goals related to achievement, family, identity, and

      Is this the same for instructors? Does priming them to adult a multicultural mindset support more divergent thinking about instructional strategies and students' needs?

    4. Normal aging is accompanied by a gradual decline in episodic memory that begins as early as the twenties and accelerates precipi-tously after the age of 60 (Salthouse, 2009). This decline is associated with degradation in a key aspect of episodic memory: the ability to anchor or bind an event to one’s personal past and to a location (e.g., Fandakova et al., 2014; Wheeler et al., 1997).

      Is this contrary to what they said above about adults remembering more aspects of episodes? How does this decline in episodic memory affect learning in adults?

    5. An adult’s more mature neural structures and networks manage to retain many more of the features of the original experience.

      How does this affect instructional design? If adults are better at remembering experiences, should instructional include more experiential learning?

    6. Interventions that target social and emotional learning may be beneficial in part because they improve executive function (Riggs et al., 2006)

      Is there a connection between SEL and EF?



    1. But then he was hit by Peneleus, below his eyebrows, just underneath his eye. The spear knocked out the eyeball, went in his eye, drove through his neck, and sliced the tendons at the nape. Ilioneus collapsed, stretching out his arms. Peneleus drew his sharp sword and struck his neck,                         580 chopping head and helmet, so they hit the ground,

      Why does Homer go into such detail about the way that heroes die? Most modern writing doesn't go into this level of detail. Is this something the greeks enjoyed hearing about?

    1. But many of these systems continue to re-request the same DTDs from our site thousands of times over, even after we have been serving them nothing but 503 errors for hours or days. Why are these systems bothering to request these resources at all if they don’t care about the response?
    1. Could you please explain why it is a vulnerability for an attacker to know the user names on a system? Currently External Identity Providers are wildly popular, meaning that user names are personal emails.My amazon account is my email address, my Azure account is my email address and both sites manage highly valuable information that could take a whole company out of business... and yet, they show no concern on hiding user names...

      Good question: Why do the big players like Azure not seem to worry? Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. too probably. In fact, any email provider. So once someone knows your email address, you are (more) vulnerable to someone trying to hack your account. Makes me wonder if the severity of this problem is overrated.

      Irony: He (using his full real name) posts:

      1. Information about which account ("my Azure account is my email address"), and
      2. How high-value of a target he would be ("both sites manage highly valuable information that could take a whole company out of business...")

      thus making himself more of a target. (I hope he does not get targetted though.)

    1. He took three paces—with the fourth he reached his goal,       

      Interesting depiction of the actual size of gods here. If Poseidon was this large, how large would other gods appear such as Zeus? Or even Cronus, as literature suggests he too has a physical form. Would gods be able to show their true form to humans? Or is this why Zeus often appears as other beings when interacting with mortals.

    1. during file creation

      Only during file creation or also if the file has already been created (, e.g. using chmod)?

    1. Another example:

      const expensiveOperation = async (value) => {
        // return Promise.resolve(value)
          // console.log('value:', value)
          await sleep(1000)
          console.log('expensiveOperation: value:', value, 'finished')
          return value
      var expensiveOperationDebounce = debounce(expensiveOperation, 100);
      // for (let num of [1, 2]) {
      //   expensiveOperationDebounce(num).then(value => {
      //     console.log(value)
      //   })
      // }
      (async () => { await sleep(0   ); console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(1)) })();
      (async () => { await sleep(200 ); console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(2)) })();
      (async () => { await sleep(1300); console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(3)) })();
      // setTimeout(async () => {
      //   console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(3))
      // }, 1300)

      Outputs: 1, 2, 3

      Why, if I change it to:

      (async () => { await sleep(0   ); console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(1)) })();
      (async () => { await sleep(200 ); console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(2)) })();
      (async () => { await sleep(1100); console.log(await expensiveOperationDebounce(3)) })();

      Does it only output 2, 3?

    1. What links all these things is the way they pass the responsibility for upholding norms — for creating “school” — onto individual children and families.

      This is where you can type your notes.

    1. I don't understand the need for the name "Open–closed principle". It doesn't seem meaningful or clear to me.

      Can't we just call it "extensibility" or "easily extendable"? Doesn't "extensibility" already imply that we are extending it (adding new code on top of it, to interoperate with it) rather than modifying its source code?

    1. Don’t indent code blocks.

      Sure, we don't need to add any additional indent. But what if your code block contains indentation (function body)? It would look silly to remove all leading indentation.

    1. so there is no signi cant correlation be-302tween Fram Strait sea ice drift and AO/DA indices

      Smedsrud et al. (2017) point to the fact that the AO - Fram Strait export correlation is non-stationary in time. The results presented here are in line with what Smedsrud et al. report for the 21st century. Yet, I am curious about the earlier period, do you see any correlation between drift and AO in earlier periods of the FESOM simulations?

    2. Relative contributions from winds and thermal forcing

      I find this section very convincing!

      One additional suggestion, still. What do the sea ice area export curves look like in the FESOM simulations? I am assuming that if you were to look at area export (function of ice drift and ice concentration), you would get a similar picture to Fig. 3c - i.e.: slightly positive trends, with the variability almost entirely explained by winds. Is it possible to show that (additional panel in Fig. 3)? I believe it would bring yet an another argument supporting that the long term trend in volume export has to be thickness driven.

    3. nnual mean sea level pressure

      Why not calculate correlations with SLP over land? There might be some interesting connections when thinking about high pressure systems above Greenland?

    4. he same as(a) but for sea ice thickness.

      In Fig. 2b - the observations are the Cryosat-2 thicknesses, correct?

      I understand that CMST assimilates sea ice thickness from Cryosat-2. Therefore, why is there such an important discrepancy in the ice thickness in Fram Strait between CMST and the observations?

    1. Could I get your intuition for why that rule of thumb applies to svelte components but not Javascript functions? I tend to make heavy use of let x = e when writing normal Javascript, as I do in most other languages (though unlambda is a notable exception). How is svelte different?
    1. The contrast between these two responses reveals a shift from projection onto an object to engagement with a subject

      how do you differentiate the lien between projection between an object and engagement to a subject

    2. “When I wake up in the morning and see her face [the robot’s] over there, it makes me feel so nice, like somebody is watching over me.”

      why does the robot carry a presence without action? do the roles we assign it carry over more than we consciously realize



    1. We say that uu is ’a utility function for ≿\succsim.

      Does "u is a utility function for \($\succsim$\)" mean that the utility function 'represents' \($\succsim$\)/



    1. The extent of faculty involvement in institutional decision making tendsto vary among institutional types

      This helps to address the institutional type question



    1. Books

      Do you have a bookshelf? What percentage of the books that you own are paper and what digital?

    2. blazes

      This word is ambiguous. It has several meanings. This is what poet thinking is all about for me--subverting the routine. First, the word is about fire, right, but if you have every looked at my posts (count on two hands my very fine viewership) you know that I write about trail blazes. I want the word to be a fork and to mean both of these simultaneously. My poems are designed to carry a lot of freight. What do you think about ambiguity?

    3. ethical blazes

      What ethical blazes have books kindled in you? Most poetry tries to freshen the language. Most poets are work necromancers. They bring what is routine and everyday back into clear and plain air. This is called a metaphor. Values don't really burn, but I am trying to conjure up a feeling here where what we believes has the intensity of a fire. I am trying to do that with a few words and not a lot like here. Maybe poetry is all about translation and summary put together. What do you think poetry is supposed to be or do?

    1. Flow of execution

      how many types of flow of execution are there in python?

    2. Math functions

      what is math function and use of it in python ?

  3. Sep 2020
    1. The objective function f and the inequality constraints g1, g2 and g3 being convex, every local solution to this problem is also a global solution by theorem 2.2

      Do the inequality constrains have to be convex functions as well? This is not considered in def. 2.13.

    1. Actually just returning the loginDaoCall works fine. I dont really get what's different as it is the looked like it was the same instance, but probably not.

      So the posted answer wasn't necessary/correct? Which part of the answer was incorrect/unneeded?

      I wish this OP comment included the full version of code that worked.

      I don't understand this OP comment. Wasn't OP already returning loginDaoCall? So maybe the only thing they could mean is that they just needed to change it to return loginDaoCall.then(...) instead...

      That would be consistent with what the answer said:

      the promise returned by the further .then() does also get rejected and was not handled.

      So I guess the unnecessary part of the answer was adding the return true/false...

    1. Now long-haired Achaeans are mocking us, saying we’ve put forward as a champion one who looks good, but lacks a strong brave mind.

      Why do you think when the Trojans are mentioning the Greeks they mention them as "long-haired Achaeans"?

      My take on it is that its an insult as to call them out to look like women because they have long hair as Homer does include insults that relate to the opposite sex.

    2. Despicable Paris, handsomest of men, but woman-mad seducer. How I wish you never had been born or died unmarried.

      Why do you think the statement of "handsomest of men" was used by Homer when it is stated that Hector is insulting him?

      In my opinion, he is trying to create a reflection of how he looks the part of a hero but, lacks the internal motivations to be a real hero.

    1. to download this information for your records or for use elsewhere, this is possible through the Hypothesis API

      Why don't you provide a straightforward way to download the annotation data from the user's account?

    1. <slot ref:img data-visible="{{visible}}" /> In the above everything on <slot> is lost since slot is a space in the HTML, not an actual element. How could we translate this to zero or ten elements inside the slot?

      But I think this is a solved problem with current Svelte: just pass the lets to the slot content, and the slot content can decide how to pass those let props on to any or all of its child elements as it sees fit...

    1. Can this word be used to describe the property in computing where a value can be dynamic? I feel like "dynamicness" would be a better term for this.

      It seems to refer more to personality:

      1a: marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change a dynamic city b: ENERGETIC, FORCEFUL a dynamic personality

      See also the same sentiment here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4137596

    1. I considered it, but dynamism refers to personality and philosophy, while dynamicity is just the condition of being dynamic.
    1. Is there a good way to do this given the compiler won't know at build time what events are needed? Should I make a wrapper that does addEventListener myself with a bind:this? Would be nice if Svelte could handle dynamic events though.
    1. Part of the reason is there’s a slight lag. No matter how good your internet is, no matter how fast it is, it seems we have this millisecond—maybe a few milliseconds—delay. So the communication isn’t in real time, even though it seems like it is. Our brains subconsciously pick up on the fact that things aren’t quite right. And the fact that things are out of sync and we’re accustomed to them being in sync when it’s face-to-face communication, our brains try to look for ways to overcome that lack of synchrony. After a few calls a day, it starts to become exhausting.

      Does this mean, if I'm naturally slow to react even in real life, it'll be exhausting for the interlocutor?

    1. we calculated for every participanta similarity indexSdescribing the correlation of responses

      S = 2P - 1 where P is the proportion of answers the same between both conditions

         -1 (opposite)    0 (no similarity)    + (same)

      If P is high:

      • S = 2(.9) - 1
      • S = 0.8

      If P is low:

      • S = 2(.2) - 1
      • S = -0.6
    2. Results3.1

      Can someone summarize the gist of the results?

    3. To examine this possibility

      What memory system is this study addressing?

    4. Material and methods

      Can someone summarize the methods for me? What did participants do and what were the conditions?

    5. In this study we examine

      What question were the researchers trying to answer with this study?

    6. Ideomotor actions

      Can someone explain ideomotor actions? Did anyone thing of an example not mentioned in the article?

    1. Question design is one of the key tools we have at our disposal when trying to get people to work together. The art of turning a “should” statement into a “how might we” statement works something like this: for any “should” question, understand what the goal of the proposed solution is, and then frame a “how” question around that goal.



    1. Yet, this is another reason why Sanskrit seems more suitable than other languages. The strict grammar rules, syllables, and words have reduced ambiguity making the literal meaning word and sentence. This definitely reduces the percentage of abstract meanings in the language.

      I wonder how Lojban compares.

  4. Aug 2020
    1. Chapter 18Inheritance

      what is inheritance?

    2. Word histogram

      what is word histogram?

    3. Chapter 14Files

      what is the use of files?

    4. Variable names

      what are variable names?

    5. strings.

      Size of strings?

    6. operators

      Are there anything more..?

    7. Chapter 7Iteration

      what is a iteration in python?

    8. Dictionaries

      what is dictionaries?

    9. available

      whAT IS AVAILABLE??????

    10. The Goodies

      What are The Goodies?

    11. Classes and objects

      when to use

    12. Card objects

      what is card objects

    13. string i

      what is a string?

    14. Assignmen

      example ?

    15. Analysis of Algorithms

      what is analysis of algorithm?

    1. their structure formed by interrelated dimeric polypeptide chains

      TGF beta forms dimer to bind with TGF beta receptor. Homodimers are reported for beta 1 and 2; does heterodimer exists?

    1. This value is about 10 times higher than thevalue reported in literature for this system

      Kd determination by STD may not be accurate with the method mentioned in this paper



    1. You cannot imagine what it would be like to be dead, because death is an absence of existence.

      What is existence?

    1. ask important questions, s

      Here's another question:

      Why does the open education movement seem unable to break through their margins to take on the man?

    1. regardless of your field of study, honing your writing, reading, and critical-thinking skills will give you a more solid foundation for success, both academically and professionally.

      Can you think of some of the concrete ways that sharpening your writing abilities will help you as you advance in your education and/or profession?

    1. Chapter 2Variables, expressions andstatements2.1 V

      how to assign value to a variable?

    2. Think Python

      what is python?

    1. wereobtainedbycollecting128scans

      number of scans can be accumulated?



    1. Then when giving answers I'm even less certain. For example I see occasional how-to questions which (IMO) are ridiculously complex in bash, awk, sed, etc. but trivial in python, (<10 lines, no non-standard libraries). On such questions I wait and see if other answers are forthcoming. But if they get no answers, I'm not sure if I should give my 10 lines of python or not.
    2. There is an observable widespread tendency to give an awk answer to almost everything, but that should not be inferred as a rule to be followed, and if there's (say) a Python answer that involves less programming then surely that is quite on point as an answer for a readership of users.
    3. "When an OP rejects your edit, please do not edit it back in!" Correspondingly, when a user repeatedly does try to edit, understand that something in your framing isn't working right, and you should reconsider it.
  5. Jul 2020
    1. narrowpassageway

      How to define is a passageway is narrow or not?

    2. diffusion-limitedon-rate(kon109M1s1)

      this should be the maximum kon, right?



    1. As shown in Appendix B, for the specific case of AMP, we could have reducedthe computational cost grossly by one order of magnitude

      100 us is enough?



    1. QUIC 功能
      • ZERO-RTT 如何实现的?
      • TCP 如何重传?
      • TCP 基于 IP&PORT, UDP呢?
      • 加密?how?
    1. This isn’t an accident. OpenOffice’s sidebar code was copied and incorporated into LibreOffice. The Apache OpenOffice project uses the Apache License, while the LibreOffice uses a dual LGPLv3 / MPL license. The practical result is LibreOffice can take OpenOffice’s code and incorporate it into LibreOffice — the licenses are compatible. On the other hand, LibreOffice has some features — like font embedding — that don’t appear in OpenOffice. This is because the two different licenses only allow a one-way transfer of code. LibreOffice can incorporate OpenOffice’s code, but OpenOffice can’t incorporate LibreOffice’s code. This is the result of the different licenses the projects chose.

      What part of LGPLv3 / MPL prevents LibreOffice code from being incorporated back into OpenOffice's Apache Licensed code??

    1. Take a look at the slogans of some of the popular companies.

      Hmm, are these taglines or slogans? According to https://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/slogan-vs-tagline-12643.html:

      A tagline should represent your business, while a slogan represents a single product or is part of an advertising campaign

      it seems that these are more taglines than slogans.

    1. The rela-tively large-sized AR NTDs, however, wrap around the LBDs,blocking the access of SRC-3 to the LBD. Consequently,SRC-3 is solely recruited by the AR NTD, and p300 recruitmentis stabilized by contacting two AR NTDs

      AR NTD wrap around its LBD. Does AR NTD mimic the function of some NR co-activator? These conclusion is only true when AR agonist R1881 is added, check figure 4

    2. in the presence of 1mM R1881

      does AR NTD interact with SRC-3 without R1881?



    1. The keys will be copied to the heap for the process calling get/0, but the values will not.

      What does this mean?

    1. Low-MODe (LMOD) optimization methods

      Could this be used to LMW?

    2. LMOD

      could I use this for conformational search



    1. How to deal with solute concentration in MD simulation?

    2. Solvent-balance method of computing binding enthalpies.

      the total potential energy of each system is used ?



    1. In the Set class we already called this - and difference, which it is ok but not really accurate because of the previous explanation, but probably not worthwhile to change it.

      Is this saying that the name difference is inaccurate?

      Why is it inaccurate? You even called it the "theoretic difference" above.

      Is that because "relative complement" would be better? Or because the full phrase "theoretic difference" [https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/set-theoretic_difference] is required in order for it to be accurate rather than just "difference"?

    2. inaccurate

      How is the use of - for sets inaccurate?

    1. (Henry 2004, 243), et l’autre à un livre d’Anne Henry

      il est étrange de citer à la suite deux fois Henry

    2. (Körper) des sciences et du corps-sujet (Leib)

      est-ce qu'il ne faudrait pas inclure les déterminant dans les traductions ?

    3. , le philosophe

      cette expression un peu générale l'est peut-être trop

    4. demande à

      nous demande de ?

    1. Flash dont l’activité est déclenchée

      C'est une drôle de comparaison dans la mesure ou le Flash est aujourd'hui obsolète et que les contenus dans ce format sont irrécupérable faute d'avoir les clefs de déchiffrement. Est-ce le même cas pour Proust ?

    2. son regard laborieux en coup de sonde

      je ne suis pas sûre de bien comprendre l'expression

    3. prisonnière

      il me semble que dans les chapitres précédents, le terme était avec une majuscule

    1. La prisonnière.

      majuscule ?

    2. tant soit peu réussie

      je ne suis pas sûre de ce que cette précision apporte.

    3. œuvre littérature

      littéraire ?

    4. steadicam

      en italique ?

    5. filmées au m

      quel est le référent ici ?

    6. selon l’expression de Wittgenstein.

      est ce qu'il existe une référence précise ?

    7. l’-être-présent-au-corps. 

      faut-il conserver le tiret entre l'apostrophe et être ?

    8.  Qu’on imagine à présent la pulpe d’un fruit dont nous apprécions la saveur.

      est-ce une référence à un extrait plus précis ?

    9. Nouvelle Vague

      à vérifier mais il me semble que dans le premier chapitre, Nouvelle Vague est écrit sans majuscule à vague.

    10. ant, le point marquant la transgression d’un silence initial.

      devient le point marquant ? On ne sait pas si cette portion se réfère au corps ou au moment.

    11. À la vérité, cette opposition nous éloigne de la dimension opaque du langage qui se trouve au cœur de l’écriture de Proust.

      peut-être expliciter ici, ce que tu comptes en faire, si le traiter pourquoi, sinon pourquoi également.

    12. considère semble

      semble le considérer ?

    13. textuellement :

      je ne comprends pas bien l'usage de cet adverbe ici

    14. Mais il nous faut maintenant revenir au problème de l’expression qui marque l’éternel commencement, l’univers en perpétuelle création.

      Je ne suis pas sûre de saisir l'idée ici

    1. So why isn't there an easy way to remove an element from such an array in a way that respects both the order and number (count) of each element? Why do all methods for removing elements from an array assume that you always want to remove all matching elements from the receiver, with no option to do otherwise?
    1. JavaScript functions are themselves objects — like everything else in JavaScript — and you can add or change properties on them

      how can we add or change properties on a function?

      edit: see below section (Custom objects)

    1. , Francisco J

      pas de point à J ?

    2.  Quantique »

      tu ne mets pas "Article "..."" ?

    3. chercheur.e.s

      il ne me semble que l'écriture inclusive soit présentes partout...

    4. , c’est à l’écrivain qu’il revient de restituer la complexité de l’expérience intérieure.

      je ne suis pas sûre de la rhétorique de cette phrase

    5. (Francisco J 1996, 71).↩

      J. ?

    6.  (Francisco J 1996, 113

      J. ?

    7. Partant du phénomène physique du comportement des vagues qui présentent différents modèles de diffraction – par exemple les formes qui apparaissent lorsque nous jetons une pierre dans un volume aqueux – et qui résultent de la réaction des vagues en rencontrant un obstacle (2007, 28)

      c'est une phrase nominale ?

    8. décèdera des suites d’un accident à cheval

      C'est une hypothèse totalement parce que je ne connais pas bien le passage (si passage il y a) de l'accident de cheval, mais est-ce qu'il y aurait peut-être une piste ou un élément d'analyse à trouver dans cet objet du cheval (objet sexuel chez Freud) qui est à la fois un ancien corps "technique" de voyager ?

    9. Corps en mouvement : Le cas Saint-Loup

      je me demande pourquoi tu édites certaine parties comme des listes (ici certainement avec un *) plutôt que de mettre un titre de niveau 4

    10. nser »[No

      espace manquand, enlever le point dans les crochets, mais surtout pourquoi le souligner ?

    11. l’illustre le rendez-vous manqué avec Gilberte

      donner la référence ?

    12. Ces expériences lancinantes sont

      à quoi cela se réfère ? si c'est à la citation de la note, mieux vaut intégrer la citation en retrait dans le texte

    13. [corporelle]

      pourquoi des crochets ?

    14. « it is after all, the story of a ‘nervous Narrator’ who struggles against negative hereditary factors in his family (personified in the semi-invalid aunt Léonie), and who suffers from a chronic lack of drive that makes him prefer salon time to productive time alone 

      Il me semblait que dans les chapitres précédents les citations en anglais été traduites

    15. dimension originaire de silence

      je ne suis pas sûre de bien comprendre ici le rapport au silence

    16.  The disruption and constriction of one’s habitual world thus correlates with a new relation to one’s body. In pain, the body or a certain part of the body emerges as an alien presence » (Leder 1990, 76).

      peut-être proposer une traduction en note ?

    17.  L’espace intercorporel qui se fait jour existe en deçà des paramètres usuels qui nous permettent de saisir l’expérience humaine (langage, lois sociales), elle en efface les signifiants.

      je ne ne comprends pas bien la succession des sujets ici

    18. Autrement dit, si cette technique n’avait pas existé, le narrateur n’aurait pas pu exprimer la même chose

      Peut-être est-ce juste une question d'expression, parce que je saisis bien l'idée du paragraphe, mais cette phrase résonne à la lecture selon l'adage "avec des si, on mettrait Paris en bouteille"

    19. Si la voix inépuisable qui résonne à travers la Recherche s’adresse directement au lectorat, on peut être sensible à ce qu’elle recèle

      La construction "si...., alors ..." implique souvent une contradiction sousentendue, ici je ne la vois pas. Peut-être choisir une construction plus causale ?

  6. Jun 2020
    1. In this case, we notice that comment.post and post should belong to the same database object. But, is Rails smart enough to know that the comment should be removed from both of the associations? Or are comment.post and post different representations of the same database row?
    1. 1,103-membered F2X-Universal Library

      what compounds are contained in the library?

    2. ry presentation of the libraries al-lows CFS campaigns to be carried out with or without the co-solvent DMSO present.

      what does "dry presentation" mean?



    1. great importance should be placed on accurately characterizing the solubility of a fragment library

      for X-ray screening, solubility must be good enough. what is the cutoff?

    2. use ligand-observed NMR

      Does "ligand observed NMR" equal to "ligand 1D-NMR"



    1. but subsequent trials failed to show any acti

      cellular activity is not promising

    1. essais.

      majuscule ?

    2. Vocabulaire de.


    3. Cité d’après « L’œuvre d’art à l’époque de sa reproduction mécanisée », in Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung 5, 1936, p. 43 Benjamin (2010).↩

      je ne comprends pas très bien le lien entre la note et le texte

    4. (Cité d’après Benjamin 2010, 123)

      pourquoi le "cité d'après" ?

    5. laborieuses Proust

      virgule + pourquoi laborieuse ?

    6. espace médian entre un rire et le voile du regard.

      c'est à peu prè la même construction poétie ue plus haut, y-a-t-il un passage en particulier qui l'encourage ?

    7. l’information centrale est bien « la vague éclaboussante » qui s’est imprimée à la manière d’un pli dans la conscience d’Elstir

      je ne suis pas sûre de bien saisi l'idée dans le deuxième temps de cette phrase.

    8. Le toucher. Odorat et ouïe.

      pourquoi séparer les sens par un point ?

    9. n tant qu’étoffe indivise qui entre-tisse, en même temps que notre corps, les choses, les animaux, les autres

      j'ai de la difficulté à comprendre la structure de cet insert, une erreur quelque part ?

    10. qui est au monde.

      la formulation me semble un peu compliquée à comprendre, je m'interroge surtout sur le "qui"

    1. With this second scheme, the DBMS stores the physical addressof versions in the index entries. This approach is only applicablefor append-only storage, since the DBMS stores the versions in thesame table and therefore all of the indexes can point to them. Whenupdating any tuple in a table, the DBMS inserts the newly createdversion into all the secondary indexes. In this manner, the DBMScan search for a tuple from a secondary index without comparingthe secondary key with all of the indexed versions. Several MVCCDBMSs, including MemSQL and Hekaton, employ this scheme

      Physical Pointers: 只对Append-only storage有用

      问题:“since the DBMS stores the versions in the same table and therefore all of the indexes can point to the”这句话怎么理解

      Likewise, using physical pointers is better for read-intensive workloads because an index entry points to the exact version. But it is slower for update operations because this scheme requires theDBMS to insert an entry into every secondary index for each new version, which makes update operations slower

    2. multi-versioning does notbring any benefits to phantom prevention

      How to prevent Phantom in MVCC?

    3. Thebasic idea of MVCC is that the DBMS maintains multiple physicalversions of each logical object in the database to allow operations onthe same object to proceed in parallel.

      How to make sure different physical copies are in sync?

    4. when there are a large numberof threads running in parallel, the synchronization overhead canoutweigh the benefits of multi-versioning


    1. Annotating in Sections

      What exactly do they mean by annotating? Is it note taking, or a conversation?