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  1. Dec 2017
    1. These innocent arts furnish amusement & happiness to those who, having time on their hands, might less inoffensively employ it; needing, at the same time, no regular incorporation with the institution

      It is interesting to contrast the views that the Founders of the University had on the Arts as subjects of study compared to the importance they are given at UVA in the present day. By referring to art as a tool to merely "furnish amusement & happiness" represents the attitudes towards fields of study that perhaps weren't seen as practical as the Military or Medicine at the time. This goes against the the aim of providing an 'all-encompassing' education as laid out by the founders and is rather ironic considering the attention paid to the aesthetic layout and construction of the University. Furthermore, it is interesting to note how the massive Art Buildings remains further off from Central Grounds at UVA, an intriguing link to how the Arts weren't a part of the initial plans of the Founders, as well as demonstrating the strong influence that they do possess today. Indeed, through the multiple museums, art installations, and shows on campus, UVA has demonstrated itself as a center for celebration of the arts, a testament to how far it has progressed from its founding visions.