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  1. Sep 2020
    1. These three strands collided throughout the twentieth century, as the prosperity gospel came into being. It started — like the “work ethic” Max Weber described — as a way to justify why, during the Gilded Age, some people were rich and others poor. (One early prosperity gospel proponent, Baptist preacher Russell H. Conwell, told his mostly-destitute congregation in 1915: “I say you ought to be rich; you have no right to be poor.”) Instead of blaming structural inequality, Conwell and those like him blamed the perceived failures of the individual.

      This philosophy also overlaps some of the resurgence of white nationalism and structural racism in the early 1900's which also tended to disadvantage people of color. ie, we can blame the coloreds because it's not structural inequality, but the failure of the individual (and the race.)

  2. May 2019
  3. Feb 2019
    1. A return to RSS or is there something else again in the development of the web?

      There are other options out there, though in many cases distribution is uneven. There are new specs like JSONFeed which many sites and feed readers support just in the last year.

      There are also simpler methods than RSS now including the microformats-based h-feed which one can use to create a simple feed that many feed readers will support.

      Part of RSS's ubiquity is that it is simply so prevalent that most common CMSs still support it. The fact that the idea of RSS is so old and generally un-evolving means there isn't a lot of maintenance involved once it's been set up.

  4. Jul 2018
    1. The Truth About Migrants (2018)


      when this migrant in France scaled a building to save a baby I guess that means we should just get rid of borders and laws why this dude didn't grab the baby probably best not to ask questions

      The thumbnail of this video is ominous/portentous . it's a bad omen for women, their dautghters will pay for their mothers' stupidity.

  5. Apr 2018
    1. pment environment the first thing you need to do is install h’s system depende

      I've installed and configure the project on my linux ubuntu based server on public ip 138.68.. but I'm unable to acces it on this ip address on port 5000, kindly suggest if anyoe have configured it on live server , how to access it

  6. Feb 2018
    1. n the process of trying to assess Huntington’s views, it occurred to me that what is happening globally today resembles European experience in the Renaissance and Reformation era.

      Similar point argued by Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna in Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance.

  7. Dec 2017
  8. Sep 2017
    1. 2011年,一个旨在促进世界范围学术交流的在线文档批注评论软件Hypothes.is上线


    2. Whaley 创建的这个开放式的软件平台可以让使用者在线为网页文章或 PDF 文档批注、评论、划重点。

      😄 开发获取,自由批注。

  9. Jul 2017
  10. May 2017
    1. Canol Pipeline
      Designed during the first months of World War II, the Canol Pipeline brought oil from Norman Wells near the Mackenzie River to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Once the oil was refined, it would be sent to Alaska via pipeline to ensure that the Japanese navy could not intercept any transport. The oil deposits at Norman Wells were discovered by the explorer Alexander Mackenzie during the 18th century. In January of 1942, Lieutenant General Brehon Somervell, commanding general of the Army Service Forces, ordered James H. Graham, former dean of engineering at the University of Kentucky, to investigate the possibility of harvesting oil from Norman Wells. On April 29, 1942, General Somervell immediately approved the recommendation of Dean Graham to implement a pipeline from Norman Wells to Whitehorse (O'Brien, 1970). The construction began in 1942 and was completed in 1944 by the United States Army. A road was also constructed alongside the Canol pipeline during this time. In 1945, soon after the completion of the Canol Pipeline, the volume of crude oil that was able to be transported compared to the cost of operating the pipeline could not be justified. The Canol Pipeline was shut down and abandoned in 1945 (Wilson, 1991). 


      O'Brien, C. F. (1970). The Canol Project: A Study in Emergency Military Planning. The Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 101-108.

      Wilson, W. H. (1991). Review: A Walk on teh Canol Road: Exploring the First Major Northern Pipeline. The Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 114.

  11. Apr 2017
    1. Wednesday, just ahead of the administration’s symbolic first 100 days in office.

      How accurately does this lead sentence capture the gist of the article?

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    1. I'm invited to toggle the dropdown (which implies filtering) to Public. Do so. What does that mean in this context? Nothing.

      I expected the dropdown to filter the annotation list as well. The fact that it doesn't was surprising.

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    1. you are here to learn the secrets of witchcraft, the stories that no one tells. We all know of the wickedness and evilness of witches, of their ugly spirit and soul. How they curse those that cross them, and hex those that vex them. Turn men into frogs, princes to beasts and princesses into swans
  19. Jan 2014
    1. rs? Did it contain clues to find treasure? Had it become the 1869 Château Lafite Rothschild of books? What had actually happened, in fact, was that