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  1. Dec 2015
    1. blade is a web framework for rapid development of Java applications,you can be used to develop API, Web and back-end services and other applications, a RESTful framework, it provides a simple and convenient way of development, the whole operation of the micro kernel MVC bus guide frame, initial goal is to simplify the web development, and of course the author will upgrade in the future and integrate more compact components based on blade.

      MVC backend java micro framework for API

    1. Compose complex, data-driven visualizations from reusable charts and components with d3.

      wykresy i grafy w javascript

    1. booking.jsMake a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes.

      Great google calendar conector in java script

  2. Sep 2015
    1. MyInterfaceImpl

      I believe that a better name would be StandardOutputMyInterface. The name of the implementation should describe the character of the implementation, which in this case is output to the standard output stream. I consider simply appending Impl to the interface name a (common) bad habit.

  3. Jul 2015
  4. Feb 2015
    1. 2.3.2. Mapping native queries You can also map a native query (ie a plain SQL query). To achieve that, you need to describe the SQL resultset structure using @SqlResultSetMapping (or @SqlResultSetMappings if you plan to define several resulset mappings). Like @NamedQuery, a @SqlResultSetMapping can be defined at class level or in a JPA XML file. However its scope is global to the application.

      JPA SQL native query den join ile birden fazla nesne elde etme

    1. @SqlResultSetMappings( { @SqlResultSetMapping(name = "ProfessorWithAddress", entities = { @EntityResult(entityClass = Professor.class), @EntityResult(entityClass = Address.class) }) })

      jpa birden fazla tabloyu direk sınıf ile eşleme join table mapping

    1. Use @FieldResult in the SqlResultSetMapping, to link each entity property to its column alias

      birden fazla tablonun birleşimini sınıflara eşleştirirken oluşan hatanın giderilmesi

  5. Jan 2015