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  1. Nov 2014
    1. Lone Survivor is making money. There will be more just like it, soon. WHY is it making money? That’s a bigger question. But maybe that is a seperate posting. The thing that *is* relevant here is the treatment of the Afghan people in this film. And by extension the treatment of all Muslims, or third world people in Hollywood film. They are *simple*…a bit like Giannas, the ‘Greek Freak’, simple, often charming, but children, really. Lone Survivor has an intertext insert at the end, as a sort of coda (well, one of many codas to that film) that explains the quaint but supportable value system of these tribal people. They defend their guests blah blah blah. Its some sort of appalling and neo colonialist condescension and a good many leftists will buy into that. Paternalistic.
    2. The Reagan crew were hugely ambitious in terms of global finance, and maybe more, they marked a sea change in perception; this was the selling of the Harold Ramis, Bill Simmons white guy-as-cool-heroic trope
    3. Bill Simmons is now the poster boy for insecure white males in today’s empire. His internet magazine Grantland in fact merges sports fandom with movie and TV fandom.