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  1. Oct 2015
    1. #29. Retain Information by Spacing Out the Reminders

      Overall, I would agree with the validity of this article. The two references given are not peer reviewed from credible sources, but do accurately support the claims made in this article. Also, upon greater research in many scholarly articles, this system of flashcards and spaced repetition is widely accepted as a great study tool. It is well known and used often in many programs dedicated to learning new languages. Also, this article states in the introduction that, "...we need a scientific method to arrive at the exact minimum amount of time and energy we need to successfully retain important information." Similar to most of the other cracked claims from this article that are highly emphasized and exaggerated, this article poses a possible fallacy of false hope or misdirection and exaggeration used that this system of flashcards and spaced repetition will show great results with minimum effort. It will is false to believe that you will find your exact projected forgetting curve, and all the information will be accounted for and remembered. This system takes practice and there is a certain margin of error associated with this study tool that is not accounted for or overlooked in the cracked article. Also, the cracked article could have researched a little more and explained the system better. Within sessions (for example one day, one week, and one month) the material studied must be assessed and graduated, or held back from session to session. This allows for maximum efficiency within the system as a study tool.