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  1. May 2020
    1. That is the strength of web annotation software – it can allow a spectrum of interaction that still gives context to reader and writer alike.

      like this a lot, starting to get familiar with Hypothesis now!

    2. I hope you will join the experiment.

      Thanks for the inspiration! I've added it to my site at https://jborichevskiy.com/

  2. Apr 2020
    1. Why not have blogs take better advantage of the ways we already interact?

      I think it's largely because blogging has been left behind as a social tool of the early web. I think the average web user perceives blogging in a sort of negative light as an old technology, but I think we're about to have (or perhaps already are having) a second blogging renaissance in reaction to the pitfalls of microblogging.

  3. Dec 2019
    1. This is a test to see if I can create page notes with the API somehow...

  4. Nov 2019
    1. The fact that there is no “silver bullet” is the exciting part.

      I'll agree that there is no silver bullet, but one pattern I've noticed is that it's the "small pieces, loosely joined" that often have the greatest impact on the open web. Small pieces of technology that do something simple can often be extended or mixed with others to create a lot more innovation.

    2. To make conversations more weblike than linear, more of a garden and less of a stream, to create “a broader web of related ideas”. These sentiments from Chris Aldrich resonate with me. But how do we achieve this?

      He doesn't link directly to it, but this post directly follows one of mine within the blogchain. Here's the original: https://boffosocko.com/2019/11/15/on-blogging-infrastructure/

  5. Sep 2019
    1. I hope you will join the experiment.

      If you want to join the experiment by adding Hypothesis to your Write.as blog, then by all means! It is easy to do. Check out how in this post on the Write.as forum.

    2. If you click them, a sidebar will pop up with the annotations therein.

      Like this! I would also note to make annotations within a post instead of on the home page of the blog. That makes it easier to scroll through the home page and helps keep track of annotations on a post by post basis.