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  1. Apr 2017
    1. you must give one fifth of the crop to the king

      This translation feels a little loose and interpretive to me. I prefer the more literal translation on the line above... but that may just be a matter of personal preference.

  2. Mar 2017
    1. Additionally, ordinal numbers are used to express fractions: GEN 47:24 וּנְתַתֶּ֥ם חֲמִישִׁ֖ית לְפַרְעֹ֑ה and you will give one fifth to the pharaoh.

    2. twelve


    3. בְּשִׁבְעָֽה־עָשָׂ֥ר

      should be: בְּשִׁבְעָֽה־עָשָׂ֥ר יֹ֖ום

    4. וּשְׁנֵ֣י אֲנָשִׁ֣ים

      should be: שֵׁם֩ הָאֶחָ֨ד

    5. which means