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  1. Mar 2017
    1. Here

      For each of these forms, let's turn them into sentences to make translation easier.

      --> Piel verbs have a middle consonant that is doubled...

    2. nun

      Could this be confused with catholic woman? How can we show that this is a Hebrew letter and not an English word?

    3. qamets or patah)

      Throughout this section let's add the Hebrew letters in Hebrew font

    4. Take note, it is advised to always check both the dictionary entry for the particular stem and the context to get the exact nuance. Especially for the Hiphil, Hophal, and Hithpael stems, which are often not easy to guess from the meaning of the Qal

      --> The meaning of a verb in one stem cannot always be guessed from its Qal meaning

    5. Function

      Let’s put the uncommon stems by the function of their primary stems

    6. both a stem and a form. These two work together like two "layers", and each layer has different information about the verb.

      --> have both a function and a form.


      --> all verbs have a stem with its own unique form