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  1. Feb 2017
    1. electronic literature?

      So glad that I signed up for this class with Dr. Zamora

    2. Video games

      I love Mario Cart.

    3. Video games

      I love Video Games that have a mythical style with dragons, magic, elves, dwarves, giants, etc. I especially love Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V.

    4. Electronic Literature Collection

      I enjoyed the previews of the collection.

    5. Children’s books are becoming digital

      I don't know how I feel about Children's books becoming digital. Some literature is better to read on a book were you physically turn a page.

      Its probably because I am old fashion and hate ebooks.

    6. What about bookstores?

      I MISS BOOKSTORES! There used to be this sense of adventure and mystery when you walked into a bookstore. I used to spend hours in a bookstore just searching around and finding new loves. There was even one in the mall near me until recently... Atlantic city bookstore even closed near me and they used to sell discounted books. Unfortunately, they have almost become obsolete! There is still one in Hamilton near me, Its called BAM. They sell games there too tho. Its not just a bookstore anymore...

    7. Video games

      Ohhhhh boy I could go on and on about stories in some video games... particularly choice-based games that really get the player involved in the actual story.

    8. Code poetry

      Ooh..what is code poetry?

    9. Potential of memes

      I found this part of the discussion to be rather interesting. I never thought of something like memes as being entry points into Elit--perhaps because they seem too "simplistic." But, if interacting with Elit has taught me anything, it's that it's made to be accessible. So, maybe it's whatever works, huh?

    10. Children’s books are becoming digital

      This made me excited because I love that my girls that are 9 and 6 can read books on a tablet. It teaches them how to be tech savvy from a really young age.

    11. Wander to computer. Turn on, jack in, fall out of chair an hour later with flowers exploding out the top of my curly brown head.

      This is a piece of poetry! I'm happy the webinar could inspire a statement like this!

    12. Video games

      I love pac man

    13. On generational literacy

      I'm not sure i buy into the brain change.

    14. bots

      I am having trouble connecting bots to digital writing ... and hope some makes a good argument how the programmed bot is a piece of writing (not that I don't like bots for what they are)

    15. Hypertext

      I do love the associative underpinning of linked texts and media, and how one path leads to multiple paths, and maps that know no boundaries.

    16. Networking

      The expansion of the networked element of storytelling is huge with possibilities. Whereas a writer used to be able to tell a story, and hope for readers, now a writer can write with others, interact with readers, and update and expand the story in new directions. If they want.

    17. transmedia storytelling

      I think unpacking this term is really important, and difficult to do.

    18. Where can we discover it

      Check out the three Volumes of the Electronic Literature Collection online. If you scroll down further on this post, you will see the links. These links are each precious portals into amazing worlds. :)

    19. literature in the digital age

      One of my favorite topics these days :).

    20. One other cool source for checking out twitter bots is the bot collection in the Electronic Literature Collection Vol 3: http://collection.eliterature.org/3/collection-bots.html

    21. Also, there have been inquiries already about how to make twitter bots. Here is a great twitter bot workshop handout by excellent #DH (Digital Humanities) colleague Zach Whalen: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s637/sh/5ce01e7f-b88d-4f11-a744-0edcdaed33a0/85a8e4137554b25f

    22. For anyone who is interested, here is the link to my Electronic Literature class from last semester. It is check full of materials, resources, etc.:(http://writingelectronicliterature.miazamoraphd.com)


      The gauntlet has been thrown down!

    1. Feel free to break rules here. Do an assignment the opposite. Bend and break rules– if it serves a meaningful and narrative purpose.


  2. Jan 2017
    1. take a walk in The Labyrinthus.

    2. Our first visit is with Leonard Flores on Tuesday, January 31

      Our webinar with Leonardo Flores was very fun and informative. We even got to experience some of the sights and sounds of Puerto Rico, including one very vociferous rooster!

    3. In your editor, you will need to switch to the mode where you can see the HTML. Just close your eyes, click, and paste.

      HELP! :)

    4. Hypothesis.is a little glitchy on my mobile....

    5. weeklies

      Is this an additional thing or could this be included in the blog posts?

    6. Setting up for Annotating with Hypothes.is

      Time to dust off Hypothes.is!

    7. The way you respond to a Daily Alchemy is via twitter

      Note: If you prefer not to use twitter, you can also add your response via the comments form at the bottom of each Daily Alchemy, though they do not count for you on the leaderboard

    8. It’s like magic.

      Mmmm Magic.

      Yes, we can have images and GIFs here, but you have to find a URL for them (hint, you can upload them you your web site, and find the URL for the upload).

    9. this post is gonna be a long scroller

      Yes, my grammar is not perfect. Are long posts good or bad? Like a book, a movie, if there is some kind of arc, some kind of maybe surprise at the ending, what's wrong with long?

      We can do more than 140 characters...

    1. This enables up to ten people to participate in the conversation from where anywhere in the world- the large center image automatically switches to show the active speaker. Viewers can watch the live stream any time on YouTube Immediately after the event, the video is archived automatically.

      This is totally new for me with more than 5 or so people on at the same time. shud be cool tho

    1. a good therapist

      This network will be a good therapist, because we are all participating in each others network. We are in control of making each others network improve, by commenting and helping each other become digital alchemist. In a sense we are all therapist sharing our stories in a digital world.

    2. Participants will create and inhabit characters for role play

      These characters that will be used for role play will defer from others, but will all have digital alchemy in common. Each character is designed to help enhance the digital world. Helping us to ignite a small fire to become a wild fire so others can join this digital world.

    3. Elusive

      I've made a Group if you want to join....https://hypothes.is/groups/3g3oPBPP/networked-narratives

  3. Dec 2016
    1. such crazy ideas

      Not so crazy. I'll follow along and see where I can contribute, or engage my own network.

      Maybe you can create a map that shows where participants are located?

    2. Document and Map

      I'm a big fan of maps. I came to this article as a result of networking with a few educators over the past few years. One put a link to this article in his blog.

    3. potential collaborators

      A job description from the future: potential collaboration You can play here if you wish as a sortakinda protocrypto semiautonomous opening 'paragraphy' for a networked narrative.


      And here is the response spreadsheet if you wish to view: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GJP4dKD55YSLrCjMUmHivVIvXNDgM-2ftcAsG8GzH5o/edit#gid=1130978140

    4. Hi, I am not. I come to this a bit later than I wanted to and now that I am here the feeling I get is the same one that Daniel Boone was purported to have gotten when he saw the distant smoke plume from a fire--time to light out for the wilderness. I see the "75" in the little hypothes.is icon and I openly wonder, "Well, what more could I add to this?" I suppose the answer is this and that. First, my voice is different than yours, but that doesn't make it noteworthy. My experience online makes that all too clear. Second, dark matter isn't particularly visible, glial cells proved all but invisible for years, but that doesn't mean they are unneeded. They are needed. And their function is often unheralded in a saga that is sung by the attention mongers. That is my opening salvo in a networked narrative. Heave to, mateys, there may just be pirates off yer starboard bow with gun port lids open and a signal for you to cut yer colors and lay by. Peut-etre?

    5. Elu

      elusive Why use the word Elusive. Concepts often are globally descriptions.

    6. multiple identities

      I'm a shape-shifter, an explorer of worlds through time and space. I'm always the same on the inside though (or am I?hmmm ). Does that count?

    7. cryptography, bot making, and more.

      New concoctions eh? That sounds fascinating.

      Oh by the way, I've been visiting with the Doctor, you know, Who. I'm hoping that he'll be able to help. umm or is it that I'll be able to help him?

    8. participatory culture

      is this a general term connoting the fact that our everyday media is social and participatory, or a direct reference to "participatory culture" (a concept studied and critique by various DML folks)? and perhaps that distinction doesn't matter?

    9. networks

      only as noun? i'm always intrigued by works that carry multiple meanings as both nouns and verbs... "network" can simultaneously be a noun and a verb, making it a more hybrid and complex concept than the plural noun (networks).

    10. Slack for planning (ping

      I am not introduced into the sciences of Ping and Slack. Could you explain?

    11. Participants will create and inhabit characters for role play

      my first reaction was "I don't like role playing" but then I realized that there must be at least two levels or types or role playing because there's one that I already do.

      It would be interesting to look at what role playing is and the difference between it and acting.

    12. purposeful fiction

      interesting expression.

      The word fiction combined with storytelling is scary to me. I like telling stories not making them up. Imagining a better future and the path to it is different through.

    13. “virtual field trips” (i.e. web visits with artists & scholars)

      would be wonderful to take a trip into Secondlife to meet some of it's most creative residents also Minecraft

    14. multiple identities in networked spaces

      I changed my hairstyle so many times mow I don't know what I look like... oh, did I say that? No silly, that is in a song Quiet Shhh I can't think Are you talking to me? What? Can I be a fish? I wanna be three fish!

    15. we take cues from the age of alchemy.

      According to the wiki, the point of alchemy was to "purify, mature, and perfect" objects, not just transformation. In terms of narratives, can we ever purify and perfect? Should we even attempt to? What does it mean to be perfected, to be purified? What standards are we reaching for? I admit I do like the concept of maturing though, to see what becomes over time and manipulation...

    16. This text was found on a piece of parchment inside the laboratory

      Damn, I was hoping it was found somewhere a bit more situated and context driven ;) Although if we make up our own worlds, maybe its all a laboratory anyway...

    17. good stories

      what does "good" mean?

    18. mirror

      Writing, the remembering; Inside, remembering the writing.

    19. civic imagination

      This term has me intrigued, Mia

    20. How has participatory culture recast the traditional terms of cultural contribution, writing, and even what it means to author something?

      One really simple thought is a "sprout" or "seed" concept which we do on youngwritersproject.org. I call it the fifth level of story response, the others being 1>>Read and say nothing. 2>>Read and "love" or "like" or, gulp, a FB emoticon. 3>> Comment to acknowledge that you have read/experienced the piece. 4>>Given Feedback, as in "articulate what you notice in a way that is well received so as to help the creator improve the piece." (my quote, or as Alan would say, this is a quote from Geoffrey Gevalt) and 5>>The Sprout -- as in "I felt/experienced your piece so deeply it provoked me to share this..." ... #5 to me is the way digital storytelling can replicate the conversational storytelling experience but, in fact, in a much deeper way; the "listening" online is uninterrupted AND the listener can't interrupt the teller; the telling of the new story is far more focused than the oral tradition, because the act of writing/creating in the digital space requires a much more thoughtful approach.

    21. _____


    22. It’s like a doorway…

      I like that: annotation as a doorway. Or the annotation sidebar as a doorway to a secret room...

    23. a good therapist
    24. and what if our characters created had their own hypothes.is accounts??)

      Yeah, I really love this idea. It'd be especially interesting if participants created dummy accounts of various sorts--characters, commentators, etc.--but did not reveal the identity (or even purpose) of the person behind the annotations at first.

    25. Participants will create and inhabit characters for role play,

      Folks might take a look at this neat project I worked on at Genius with the author Jeff VanderMeer. He annotated a chapter of the final installment in his sci-fi trilogy, but did so entirely through the fictional world of the novel itself, not as some meta-commentary.

    26. combinatorial creativity?

      Not that collaboration is anything new, but the central tension in the idea of "networked narrative" is the unprecedented force of the "combinatorial creativity."

      Surely all stories are networked: a storyteller listens to other storytellers, calling themselves storytellers or not; a storyteller is always listening to stories, whether capital "s" stories or not.

      But there does seem to be an exceptionally centripetal force about the digital era, or more the era of social media, that truly challenges the notions of story, author, book, etc.

  4. Nov 2016
    1. Hi, I am noteworthy

    2. creating media

      We see a lot of the DS106 mindset coming into play where participants practice creating expressions about their digital alchemist character, about their imagined future world through assignments like creating movie posters, animated GIFs, radio shows, video mashups.

      A daily challenge site (like the DS106 Daily create) will provide experiences in media and tools on small scale; things like text ciphers, stenography, generators, etc)

    3. to explore what we call digital alchemy

      We hope people to explore this idea that there is potential power in being digital alchemist, and what is different about this kind of alchemy than the middle ages. And its more than magic potions and dark sorcery.

    4. arganee

      I'm going with Rage Nae. So many great anagram options though.

    5. We know good stories have energy, magic, a source of narrative power. How can we distill that spark or magic essence while harnessing the power of combinatorial creativity?

      I'm just a little cautious about hyperbolic assertions about storytelling, especially in terms of magical powers. What is it we definitely know that stories do? And do we need to think a bit more (post-election) about whether there are bad stories, or just bad uses of stories?

      I think concretely stories help us remember things, and are a means of expressing our values to others. Less well known is the use of storying the past to plan for the future -- we organise the materials of the past in order to try out options for how we want to be seen acting in the future.