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  1. Feb 2019
    1. discriminatory

      This really never ends, and it's part of being a human. The problem is that, many of us take certain matters more personal others. We humans discriminate all the time (as a habit or human instinct) the things we don't like because they don't normally relate to us. That's really way to put it, if we think about it. The problem is much complex than just RACE, SKIN COLOR, OR GENDER. But often times it is mostly focused on these. Tell me of one time, when you went shopping and you bought the shoes that you liked for a good price? Why didn't you buy the pair that you didn't like? Ohh, wait! That's a waste of money, right? Funny.... It is more like 'I was discriminating against the other type of shoes'. Yup, hit the nail right on head!

    2. Rhetoric

      Such a huge subject to even think of. After a few college classes in college, you (unless you have had special training on it, or a PHD) still only understand it as "PERSUSION or FORM OF PERSUASION". But deep inside our minds, we also leave those classes with another knowledge of it and that is also much more: a form of communication, expression, thinking, and the list goes on.

    3. algorithmic

      This is one is now used in the internet to take advantage (especially by collecting our data unnoticed and using it for their own profit) of us, the unaware users of programs, websites, softwares, and applications. It's hard not to be a victim of it when using these tools, when many of use (especially newer generations of people) we have become so used to the digital world. This is mainly because for most of us, it is all we've known from a very young age. It's like being given regular cow milk from the age of 2, then being told to stop (replaced with healthier alternatives) at the age of 20. AHA, good luck!

  2. Jan 2018
    1. I recently went back and set all of my location data to while using the app. After a while it becomes too much. I was already leery of Alexa and Google Home. I don't know if I want them tracking me in my home. But knowing that it could solve a murder makes me pause and wonder if that sacrifice is worth it.

    2. Consent is also a very big thing in regards to data gathering for me. In the latest iOS 11 update, you can now choose when an app is able to obtain location data from you. I set all my apps to "while using the app" only and not only is my battery saved, but I also feel a certain peace of mind that an app is telling me exactly when it's tracking my location, hopefully for app-related purposes that I'm aware of.

    3. Brett mentioning Alexa helping solve a murder reminds me of my own Google Home Mini and the conflicts of privacy that some other people that I knew had with it. There's always that sense of things listening in on things that you rather not hear, and I covered that a bit more extensively within my own blog post this week.

    4. While I'm disappointed that I was not able to be here for this studio visit as I had hoped, this recording made me feel like I was right there with everyone else. Interesting conversations all around and I hope to be there for the next one. Brett had quite a few things of note during this session, and my next two notes will bring up them briefly.

    5. We will be watching and discussing episodes of Do Not Track and students are expected to have watched episode 1 before we talk to Brett.

      While watching episode 1 I was just in awe how it knew my location and how this documentary isn't just a video but he asks us to participate to have a better knowledge in what Brett is trying to teach the online community. Off to see episode 2 and 3!

    6. watching and discussing episodes

      I so enjoyed this. It fits right in with my (perhaps morbid) interest in the dystopian world. Regardless, if I'm being stalked by our overlord Google, I prefer to know it.

    7. Mozilla Foundation’s Advocacy Media

      An interesting crossover-- I believe that Dr. Zamora assigned us to work with Mozilla's open source tools, way back in New Media Studies in Spring 2016. I really like the Firefox browser and I was interested to learn that there is so much more to the Mozilla company.

    8. help our understanding of our own digital lives.

      The digital world is vastly large and it is a lot to take on so Brett was able to easily break it down for us on his documentary. Things are constantly happening and changing so it's good to keep up and know the pro's and con's.

    9. making time to talk

      I enjoyed listening in on Brett's "behind the scenes" making and experience of his documentary!

      Right on!

    10. Brett’s web site

      I'm really interested in checking out some of the other projects Brett has on his website, especially Popcorn Maker and his Update or Die talk.

    11. Hmm . . .i'm now interested in viewing Bretts Update or Die Conference on youtube . It seems like it would be pretty interesting.

    12. Thanks Brett

      Thank you Brett for your time from the students at Kean University..

    13. What can you learn about him?

      Brett is obviously someone who is extremely active on the web and because of this he was/is able to learn how we are tracked as well as how we are all connected in the digital world!

    14. His 2008 feature documentary Rip! A Remix Manifesto is an official honoree of the Webby Awards, was the recipient of Audience Choice prizes at festivals from Amsterdam to South Africa, was broadcast in 20 countries, and seen by millions of people worldwide..

      Woah that's awesome, makes me want to see it too!

    15. late

      Just wanted to say thank you Norway for joining us, we definetly appreciate you guys for staying up so late to join us with Brett. Have a wonderful semester

    16. Ok Google

      I must admit that this kind of freaked me out. Like I kind of knew that we were being stalked but I wasn't exactly sure.

    17. watch the first episode on Morning Rituals.

      I really enjoyed the first episode and its commentary on our daily routines. I used to find myself waking up, too, and immediately going online & on social media - recently, I've been trying to break the habit, and not make it the first thing I do. But I guess the real question, and also sad part, is that so much of our life is connected to our digital personas, so how far can we really remove ourselves from it? If we don't check our email or Twitter first thing in the morning, what important information (either related to our work or our school) are we missing?

      It sucks that so much of our life is so attached to social media, in that we have to give ourselves (our privacy, our information, our careers) to digital space; consequently, as Brett discusses, that same necessary input of our own personal information is then used to the benefit of companies who want to buy access to our lives to sell us shit.

    18. different from watching on a movie or TV screen.

      What was most startling to me upon watching the first episode is that the site knew exactly what town I was in and what time of day it was. I was not expecting that. And, then, it was interactive in that we could input info if we wanted to. That is vastly different from the current movie experience. It individualized the experience of the work but, in this context, I'm not sure if I wanted it to be individualized!

    19. its both scary and fascinating that we don't realize our diminishing privacy. We're so caught up in competing with each other that we sometimes ignore permissions or allow them without completely reading a lot of terms of agreement or policies.

      I love that Bret is shedding light on these issues that we almost ALWAYS overlook.

    20. a digital activist

      He is doing a great job in teaching people out in the world the dangers of internet with tracking especially by making those cool videos.

    21. If you really want to go deep into the culture of remix and how the internet disrupted the music industry, how it and creators responded, featuring footage from remix artist Girl Talk and interviews with the founder of Creative Commons, then watch the epic Rip! Remix Manifesto.

      Technology has changed the way music is received now by the audience, so this is something I will be looking into. Digital streaming is very popular now because it is easy, sufficient, and cost less. It also allows those who enjoy music to have it whenever they like wherever they like, which is a major plus!

    22. watching Do Not Track,

      Watching the first 2 episodes was very interesting but it's a little scary everything we do is monitored or saved by 3rd parties to help us remember what we do or share ads for us to look at based on what we have search up on the internet.

    23. interactive producer

      How much computer programming knowledge is needed to add interactive elements to a documentary?

    24. discussing

      During tonight's studio visit with Brett, I found the idea of privacy and the digital landscape to be vastly intriguing. What I wonder about specifically is if this constant "watching" or surveilling/tracking has made us as a whole more performative--because we believe that we're always being watched. As evidence of this I would present the uptick I'm sure we've all noticed in "inappropriate content" being posted to these public, digital platforms (i.e. the Logan Paul & Suicide Forest video on Youtube (since removed), or the Facebook live vid of these 2 girls in Australia brutally beating up a mentally disabled girl, or the instagram live vid of a girl posted after a car accident which killed her sister). I wonder if the acknowledgment that we're being consistently watched or monitored has negatively informed our behavior in some big ways--that we feel posting this kind of content is okay and acceptable now. I guess I'm more interested in the social ramifications here of the tracking.

    25. What do you see weaving into it?

      I was unaware as Brett mentioned in the hangout that the greetings for the time of day were programmed into the experience, that the web site knew what time of day it was and where i was. This is very basic, but the fact that I did not consider it anything other than a friendly greeting directly to me.

    26. Sorry Norway, this is a bit late

      To our Norwegian friends and co-learners: thank you for staying up late to participate with us! =)

    27. music industry

      When I think of the internet and music I automatically think of Napster. Sheesh I feel old!

    28. I really loved what Brett said about his documentarian identity: that it's a way of life steeped in observation and the joy and craft of creative nonfiction. It makes me feel like it wouldn't be too hard to awaken my own inner documentarian.

    29. Remix Manifesto

      Hey Alan, I keep seeing this and thinking it says Rebeg Maestro #throwback

    30. my documentary practice

      I really would like to learn more about his practice.

    31. live tweeting

      I hope to watch this studio visit, live. It will be a pleasant 7:30am on Wednesday morning in Central Australia and I'll be chomping breakfast (that's the plan of this documentary). I'm thinking about SlowTV (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/norways-slow-tv-fascinating-viewers-for-hours-or-days-at-a-time/) as made for these days of assumed-fast internet streaming capability.

    32. making documentaries made for the web

      What do you think of in terms of documentaries? Like films about history or animals in Africa?

      There is an entire genre of web-based documentaries, or i-docs -- these are ones that take advantage of the networked and non-linear capability of the web as a medium

  3. Feb 2017
    1. wentale

      Also a blog post The Kangaroo - Scene I that explains this a bit more. I really enjoyed the Hangout and the NetProv examples given. I'd love to go to those classes!

    2. A think tank where you can publish fake studies to support your fake news posts.

      sounds like something that I'd be interested in.

    3. “Netprov = internet improv… or you you could say Netprov is networked, improvised storytelling in available media.”

      ah, now I understand where the word came from. fabulous

    4. “I think it’s more giving someone the freedom by encouraging you to misbehave in a controlled setting. it’s like having people play acting games”

      Which adults rarely do when they grow up

    5. “Who is the third who walks always beside you? When I count, there are only you and I together But when I look ahead up the white road There is always another one walking beside you Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded I do not know whether a man or a woman -But who is that on the other side of you?” — TS Eliot

      Kind of off topic but who is the third person? Is it God or death?

    6. This is Mark’s son again This is soooo boring when are you guyz gonna netprov netprooovv Does anyone have any good Pokemon cards? My dad taught me a word for this teeeeeeeedious Did I use that wright? My Dad never lets me make clever puns thats why i stuck that last one in there

      So, I still don't know whether that was Mark and Mark's son? LOL, So realistic tho 😅😭😭

    7. Out of the Margin Marginalia Some things that went back in forth in the hangout chat (which you cannot see in the stream) plus flot/jet sam from twitter.

      I was actually worried that outside viewers would miss our little side chat but here it is.

    8. Exploring #Netprov– “networked improvisation narrative” — an online art form occupying the densely populated cultural space of social media.

      Had an awesome time tonight. I was kind of nervous but it was definitely a fun experience. I look forward to diving into this area more over the next few weeks.

    1. Blogging has made its mark.

      I love that blogging has become such a huge part of the learning process. We can learn so much from reading about people's experiences-- reading blogs on various topics has helped me on many occasions. Of course, fact checking is always going to be crucial (trust, but verify), but I a few years back, bloggers weren't given the level of trust that we give them nowadays. It's a big transition, and it's made the cold Internet world seem more personal and connected. There are bloggers whose recommendation or criticism is of paramount importance.

    2. “Regrets to Egrets” by Tobi Hahn – https://twitter.com/regrettoegret

      Every time a tweet pops up from this account, I laugh like a maniac. So simple, yet so hilarious!

    3. Video games

      Video games are incredible and they don't get the credit they're due. The amount of work that goes into a single moment in a game blows my mind, and I wish the creators received more praise. The combination of coding and artistic endeavor puts video games on par with some of the most lauded works of art, in my opinion. Even games that are technologically lower quality can still have amazing stories that stick with the players. For example, one of my favorite games as a kid was Kingdom Hearts, and when I go back to play it now the memories come flooding back.

    4. Bots

      One of my favorite lines:

      Twitter bots are like hanging art in your twitter stream


    5. viewing the source of the web page

      You might soon want to start peeking at the source code around here. There are sounds of tinkering happening...

    6. Redo the Tour (archived video)
    7. Virtual Reality

      A neat example is "War of Words" developed for most VR platforms: http://www.bdh.net/work/war-of-words-vr/

    8. Video games

      Here are some works of e-literature that engage video game genre: http://iloveepoetry.com/?p=10359.

    9. Children’s books are becoming digital

      Part of what's so good about children's books is that they are multimodal and interactive by design-- they pop up when you open the pages, or have tabs you can pull, or textured materials to touch, plus images-- all of which get abandoned for unimodal text based writing. Portable touchscreen devices (tablets, and such) allow for some interactivity and multimodal composition, so they've become an rich space for this kind of publication. Here are a few children's e-lit works I've curated: http://iloveepoetry.com/?p=11228.

    10. What about bookstores?

      Hipsters! ;-) Seriously though, I love and miss bookstores, and cherish every opportunity to visit one.

    11. bots

    12. On authorship, generative literature, bots?

      This really makes you realize/see how things are changing. I wonder how schools will handle this shift. Will it be okay in only some classes and not others?

    13. What about bookstores?

      The act of someone actually walking into a bookstore and sitting down to read, or even spending hours there has definitely died down a little in my opinion. However, bookstores are not gone! It is such a beautiful experience to me, and I don't think I can ever let bookstores go. I am probably most alive whenever I am surrounded by books! So much is accessible in a digital context, but there are still people out there with old souls that long for that sort of tangible experience

    14. Fanfiction is coming into its own.

      This, at first, sounds odd but it's true! Fanfiction is an important way of people entering into creative writing, and exploring with characters and themes that bend the established storylines.

    15. What about bookstores?

      Authors are still authoring and booksellers are still bookselling. The surviving bookstores are better for the competition. Just like the remaining 'record' stores. IMHO

    16. Electronic Literature Collection,

      my sixth graders are obsessed with these collections!!..we checked them out today.

    17. Generative

      Twitter bots, recombinatory poetry, generative fiction is infinitely fascinating because it can be so random and unexpected. It's like experimenting with how we ascribe meaning, try to find purpose in the otherwise incomprehensible.

    18. transmedia storytelling

      Here's a recent paper that unravels all the threads of 'transmedia.' Digital storytelling: New opportunities for humanities scholarship and pedagogy John F. Barber | Ray Siemens (Reviewing Editor) http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311983.2016.1181037

    19. Wander to computer. Turn on, jack in, fall out of chair an hour later with flowers exploding out the top of my curly brown head

      Love this small portion, because it made me giggle.

    20. twitter bots

      No E-grets!

    21. Electronic Literature Collection

      This collection is gold! I am so happy to know about it and be able to experience and navigate through all of the works of art. The community around Electronic Literature is growing, and I feel I am a part of it, which is really cool!

    22. Virtual Reality

      Virtual Reality sets like the PS4 VR and The Oculus Rift are great examples of Gaming Virtual Reality headsets. The Google Cardboard is a cheap VR headset that requires a iPhone or Android to operate. The Google Cardboard displays Stationary scenes, such as a Rollercoaster ride.

    23. Electronic Literature Collection

      This is a fantastic resource for people now getting into the digital literary network.

    24. Children’s books are becoming digital.

      Kids will love this!

    25. electronic literature?

      So glad that I signed up for this class with Dr. Zamora

    26. Video games

      I love Mario Cart.

    27. Video games

      I love Video Games that have a mythical style with dragons, magic, elves, dwarves, giants, etc. I especially love Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V.

    28. Electronic Literature Collection

      I enjoyed the previews of the collection.

    29. Children’s books are becoming digital

      I don't know how I feel about Children's books becoming digital. Some literature is better to read on a book were you physically turn a page.

      Its probably because I am old fashion and hate ebooks.

    30. What about bookstores?

      I MISS BOOKSTORES! There used to be this sense of adventure and mystery when you walked into a bookstore. I used to spend hours in a bookstore just searching around and finding new loves. There was even one in the mall near me until recently... Atlantic city bookstore even closed near me and they used to sell discounted books. Unfortunately, they have almost become obsolete! There is still one in Hamilton near me, Its called BAM. They sell games there too tho. Its not just a bookstore anymore...

    31. Video games

      Ohhhhh boy I could go on and on about stories in some video games... particularly choice-based games that really get the player involved in the actual story.

    32. Code poetry

      Ooh..what is code poetry?

    33. Potential of memes

      I found this part of the discussion to be rather interesting. I never thought of something like memes as being entry points into Elit--perhaps because they seem too "simplistic." But, if interacting with Elit has taught me anything, it's that it's made to be accessible. So, maybe it's whatever works, huh?

    34. Children’s books are becoming digital

      This made me excited because I love that my girls that are 9 and 6 can read books on a tablet. It teaches them how to be tech savvy from a really young age.

    35. Wander to computer. Turn on, jack in, fall out of chair an hour later with flowers exploding out the top of my curly brown head.

      This is a piece of poetry! I'm happy the webinar could inspire a statement like this!

    36. Video games

      I love pac man

    37. On generational literacy

      I'm not sure i buy into the brain change.

    38. bots

      I am having trouble connecting bots to digital writing ... and hope some makes a good argument how the programmed bot is a piece of writing (not that I don't like bots for what they are)

    39. Hypertext

      I do love the associative underpinning of linked texts and media, and how one path leads to multiple paths, and maps that know no boundaries.

    40. Networking

      The expansion of the networked element of storytelling is huge with possibilities. Whereas a writer used to be able to tell a story, and hope for readers, now a writer can write with others, interact with readers, and update and expand the story in new directions. If they want.

    41. transmedia storytelling

      I think unpacking this term is really important, and difficult to do.

    42. Where can we discover it

      Check out the three Volumes of the Electronic Literature Collection online. If you scroll down further on this post, you will see the links. These links are each precious portals into amazing worlds. :)

    43. literature in the digital age

      One of my favorite topics these days :).

    44. One other cool source for checking out twitter bots is the bot collection in the Electronic Literature Collection Vol 3: http://collection.eliterature.org/3/collection-bots.html

    45. Also, there have been inquiries already about how to make twitter bots. Here is a great twitter bot workshop handout by excellent #DH (Digital Humanities) colleague Zach Whalen: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s637/sh/5ce01e7f-b88d-4f11-a744-0edcdaed33a0/85a8e4137554b25f

    46. For anyone who is interested, here is the link to my Electronic Literature class from last semester. It is check full of materials, resources, etc.:(http://writingelectronicliterature.miazamoraphd.com)