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    1. The SP1-6000 amplifier is a better match for this 2 ohm system than the bridged K20. It is capable of sustaining higher power into the low impedance load for the long term measurements.


    2. Back in 2014 an HS-24 from Stereo Integrity was sent to me for testing and evaluation. At that time the ultra high excursion 24's were relatively new and becoming popular quickly. That HS-24 driver proved to be capable of shifting a monumental amount of air. This time the test subject is the even more extreme 24" sub from Stereo Integrity, the SHS-24. This driver ups the ante over the standard HS-24 with a neo motor, more motor force, a bigger voice coil, more xmax and higher power handling.


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    1. Brunell Donald-Kyei,‏Verified account @brunelldonald May 6 More Copy link to Tweet Embed Tweet I thought about jobs that went overseas failing schools open borders not my skin color when I voted @realDonaldTrump! I am a Proud American!

      Cool story, but next time think about who you vote for instead.