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  1. Jan 2019
    1. In another study, after reading an excerpt from Harry Potter about stigma, children reported more positive attitudes about immigrant children at their school. But note that this change of mind (or heart) occurred only for children who identified with Harry, and only after a discussion of the reading with their teacher – and this might have been the deciding factor.

      Example show that what people taken out of a reading are three levels, some seeing as entertainment, some see it as empathatics, and some take the chance to examine his own surrounding and his moral.

    1. In other words, tax policy toward the rich should have nothing to do with the interests of the rich, per se, but should only be concerned with how incentive effects change the behavior of the rich, and how this affects the rest of the population.

      But what drives the rich to become rich? Does this path of "becoming rich" change along the course? Anddoe how values and belief shapes their incentive? So how do you use the same policy toward group of people based purely on their commonality in monetary status?

    1. Not only in physical environment, the virtual world also needs placemaking.

      How to brand/create/maintain online communities?