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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Abt recognizes the risk that this kind of policing can become stop-and-frisk-style harassment, and so he emphasizes the crucial role of community buy-in.

      Community buy-in is not what will stop the police from harassing (and killing) citizens of color. I don't think the police can be part of solving gun violence until they stop perpetrating gun violence against people of color. We need to disarm the police before we even think about employing them to address gun violence in the general population.

  2. Aug 2019
    1. December 22, 2017

      NYU requires four weeks' notice from departing employees. I was an "at-will" employee and not legally/contractually obligated to give the entire four weeks, but I wanted my records to show that I played by the rules.

    2. my decision to leave was not an easy one

      Don't say things like this unless they're true, otherwise you'll come off as disingenuous.

      In this case, I had a great working relationship with my manager and was genuinely disappointed that I'd no longer be working with her.

    3. [YOUR NAME]

      Leave a gap before your name so you can sign the letter after you print it out.

    4. I will work with you to ensure projects are wrapped up and department operations are set to continue smoothly after my departure.

      You want it on record that you didn't leave them in the lurch and you were conscientious about parting on good terms.


      Here we're further establishing goodwill so you can part from the organization or company on a positive note.


      For reference checks, HR generally only confirms employment dates. However, if you make some impressive info available to them in your resignation letter, they might choose to share this during a future reference check.

    7. my last day at [EMPLOYER] will be [LAST DAY]

      Your last day is at least two weeks after the day you hand this letter to your manager.

      Some industries or individual contracts require more than 2 weeks' notice, and some departing employees agree to stay longer than 2 weeks to end their employment on a positive note.

  3. Jul 2019
  4. May 2019
    1. The sidebar is hidden by default on desktop and mobile

      I've seen implementations where the sidebar is hidden by default, but there is an on-page widget which alerts users to annotations if they exist. Otherwise, users won't know that annotation is possible, unless they're already Hypothesis users, or they see a yellow highlight on the page and click to open it.

      Here's an example of how this could be implemented:

    1. For the 6th SmashingConf New York — we will be back in downtown New York, just around the corner of Times Square on October 15–16.

      Might want to attend this

    1. LTI Grading Caveats and Best Practices

      This will be useful when I start researching for our grading feature

  5. Apr 2019
    1. “I didn’t want to go back home, and this was my alternative,” Daniel says. “Part of why I got in a cult at all was because I had no idea how one finds a place to live in New York.”


  6. biopub.hypothes.is biopub.hypothes.is
    1. Global protein acetylation is a newly discovered phenomenon in bacteria. Of the more than 250 acetylations reported in E. coli, many are of metabolic enzymes. Thus, acetylation could represent a novel posttransl

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    1. along with a video teaching them critical-reading skills.

      It's kind of funny that we're clinging so desperately to the idea that reading is the best and most necessary way to learn... but we're using video to teach students how to do it.

      Which is true: Are videos a legitimate and effective way of teaching material? Or are you using a sub-par method to teach these critical reading skills to your students?

    2. Video and audio, in fact, may sometimes be better than textbooks — what he calls “predigested food.”

      This is a problematic characterization. Written text, video, and audio are different forms of media with unique affordances. Someone with dyslexia might benefit from watching a video or listening to an audio track and it's not because they require "predigested food," it's because their brain processes information in a certain way.

    3. A similar trend holds true for the college-educated. The share of adults reading books of any kind on their own held steady from 2012 to 2017, according to the National Endowment for the Arts. The only segments of the population to significantly decline in that regard were women and adults with some college or with bachelor’s degrees.

      Perhaps because reading is a leisure activity, which college graduates do not always have time for! And since women are typically burdened with domestic labor in addition to their work responsibilities, they likely have less time to pick up a book.

    4. They’ve blamed students, instructors, standards, technology, conservatism, liberalism, demographics, recessions, divorce rates.

      But not capitalism?

      ...to be serious for a moment, I had to work 40+ hours/week to put myself through college on top of a full course load. With the inflation rate of tuition, this is becoming more common than not among students.

    1. when to pause the game using a /pause command (opening a menu doesn't pause in multiplayer).

      We CAN stop the clock!!

    2. The interior layout of an upgraded cabin is identical to the interior of an upgraded farmhouse, with one exception: the fireplace is replaced by a chest of drawers that holds the farmhand's inventory when the farmhand is not online. This chest of drawers cannot be moved and cannot be accessed by the farmhand who owns it.


    1. As a spate of articles about the phenomenon has come out in the past couple of years, more people have begun talking about a “gender pain gap.”

      Much like discussions of the pay gap, discussions of the "pain gap" are largely devoid of racial analysis. We're doing a lot of people a disservice by framing the conversation in this way.

      There are many sources which explain why and how this is harmful, but consider this study:


      Black Americans are systematically undertreated for pain relative to white Americans... false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites continue to shape the way we perceive and treat black people—they are associated with racial disparities in pain assessment and treatment recommendations.

    1. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.

      This is the TL;DR. The President is NOT cleared of any illegal action or wrongdoing as a result of this report.

      The President and his followers have been lying outright to the public.

    2. The evidence we obtained about the President's actions and intent presents difficult issues that would need to be resolved if we were making a traditional prosecutorial judgment. At the same time, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgment. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. 182

      Seems like there is cause for Congress to look into this further.

    3. In the case of the obstruction-of-justice statutes, our assessment of the weighing of interests leads us to conclude that Congress has the authority to impose the limited restrictions contained in those statutes on the President's official conduct to protect the integrity of important functions of other branches of government.

      Does this mean there is legal standing for Congress to pursue an obstruction of justice case?

    4. e President and White House aides initially advanced a pretextual reason to the press and the public for Corney's termination. In the immediate aftermath of the firing, the President dictated a press statement suggesting that he had acted based on the DOJ recommendations, and White House press officials repeated that story. But the President had decided to fire Corney before the White House solicited those recommendations. Although the President ultimately acknowledged that he was going to fire Corney regardless of the Department of Justice's recommendations, he did so only after DOJ officials made clear to him that they would resist the White House's suggestion that they had prompted the process that led to Corney's termination. The initial reliance on a pretextual justification could support an inference that the President had concerns about providing the real reason for the firing, although the evidence does not resolve whether those concerns were personal, political, or both.

      As Matt Apuzzo for the NY Times points out:

      One of the biggest questions of the past two years — something that fueled the news coverage, the federal investigation and congressional scrutiny — is why so many people around Mr. Trump lied, misled and changed their stories.


      That's certainly at the forefront of my mind.

    5. e IRA also recruited moderators of conservative social media groups to promote IRA-generated content,90 as well as recruited individuals to perform political acts (such as walking around New York City dressed up as Santa Claus with a Trump mask).

      Uh, I definitely saw this happen at least once. Creepy.

    6. he Office learned that some of the individuals we interviewed or whose conduct we investigated-including some associated with the Trump Campaign-deleted relevant communications or communicated during the relevant period using applications that feature encryption or that do not provide for long-term retention of data or communications records. In such cases, the Office was not able to corroborate witness statements through comparison to contemporaneous communications or fully question witnesses about statements that appeared inconsistent with other known facts.

      Would this qualify as obstruction of justice?

    7. Some of the information obtained via court process, moreover, was presumptively covered by legal privilege and was screened from investigators by a filter ( or "taint") team.

      Contender for least helpful but most entertaining sentence in the report.

    8. Justice Manual§§ 9-13.400, 13.410.

      9-13.400: https://www.justice.gov/jm/jm-9-13000-obtaining-evidence#9-13.400

      9-13.410: https://www.justice.gov/jm/jm-9-13000-obtaining-evidence#9-13.410

      If someone could suss out the relevant parts of these policies, that would be helpful.

    9. while the investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump Campaign, the evidence was not sufficient to support criminal charges. Among other things, the evidence was not sufficient to charge any Campaign official as an unregistered agent of the Russian government or other Russian principal. And our evidence about the June 9, 2016 meeting and WikiLeaks's releases of hacked materials was not sufficient to charge a criminal campaign-finance violation. Further, the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the Trump Campaign conspired with representatives of the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election.

      What is the standard being applied for "sufficient evidence"?

    10. See United States v. Ne ksho, et al., No. 18-cr-215 D.D.C ..
    11. See United States v. Internet Research Agency, et al., No. 18-cr-32 (D.D.C.)
    12. Justice Manual § 9-27 .220

      Available here: https://www.justice.gov/jm/jm-9-27000-principles-federal-prosecution#9-27.220

      Relevant quote:

      The attorney for the government should commence or recommend federal prosecution if he/she believes that the person's conduct constitutes a federal offense, and that the admissible evidence will probably be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction, unless (1) the prosecution would serve no substantial federal interest; (2) the person is subject to effective prosecution in another jurisdiction; or (3) there exists an adequate non-criminal alternative to prosecution.


    13. Justice Manual § 9-27.000
    14. In evaluating whether evidence about collective action of multiple individuals constituted a crime, we applied the framework of conspiracy law, not the concept of "collusion." In so doing, the Office recognized that the word "collud[ e ]" was used in communications with the Acting Attorney General confirming certain aspects of the investigation's scope and that the term has frequently been invoked in public reporting about the investigation. But collusion is not a specific offense or theory of liability found in the United States Code, nor is it a term of art in federal criminal law.

      So "there was no collusion" is not an entirely accurate (or even relevant...) statement.

    15. e investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities. *

      Legally speaking, I'm interested to know how this doesn't qualify as conspiracy or coordination.

      Since annotations can't span multiple pages, I'm linking to a highlight of what "this" I'm referring to. :)


    16. Although the investigation established that the Russian government perceived it would benefit from a Trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome, and that the Campaign expected it would benefit
    1. One of the biggest questions of the past two years — something that fueled the news coverage, the federal investigation and congressional scrutiny — is why so many people around Mr. Trump lied, misled and changed their stories
    1. The attorney for the government should commence or recommend federal prosecution if he/she believes that the person's conduct constitutes a federal offense, and that the admissible evidence will probably be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction, unless (1) the prosecution would serve no substantial federal interest; (2) the person is subject to effective prosecution in another jurisdiction; or (3) there exists an adequate non-criminal alternative to prosecution.

      legal framework used for Mueller investigation.

  7. Mar 2019
    1. A guest on Laura Ingraham's show said that trans people will "destroy" gender norms to create "new species" that is "human and part machine."

      I'm ready, how can I help?

    1. My final trip to pseudo-Tokyo took an incredibly dark turn. I was a technician tasked with reliving the memories of a murder victim captured via—and this is very strange—a Pokémon experience recorder.

      How interesting that Pokémon made its way into this person's coma-dreams! I bet for me it would be Stardew Valley.

    1. The five instances of (co)authorship ofnon-human animals are as follows: F.D.C.Willard [2,6]—a Siamese house cat namedChester who was sired by a cat namedWillard—was associated with the Americanphysicist and mathematician Jack Hether-ington. Galadriel Mirkwood [3] was a dogowned by the immunologist PollyMatzinger. Once the dog co-authorship wasdiscovered in the latter instance, papers ofwhich Matzinger was a major author werebanned from the journal until the editor diedand a new one was appointed; she also facedinternal review by her university. H.A.M.S.ter Tisha [4] was—indeed—a hamster ownedand valued by Andre Geim, the 2010 recipi-ent of the Nobel Prize in Physics for hisco-discovery of graphene (http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/2010/geim-facts.html). To date, he is theonly Nobel laureate who also received theIg-Nobel prize in 2000 for making frogs fly(http://www.improbable.com/ig/winners/).Finally, three bonobos named Wamba K,Wamba P, and Wamba N [5] were creditedas co-authors alongside the primatologistSue Savage-Rumbaugh.
    1. We thank Bear, the dog, for helping us randomize the order of all authors who contributed equally to the manuscript. We also thank Bear's owner, D. Luo, for aiding in Bear's author determination activity.

      I would be interested to know if Bear is the first dog to appear in the acknowledgements of a scientific paper!

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    1. Interesting article

    2. The fall 2018 Green Roof class projects were especially wide ranging and ambitious-and included two different green wall design proposals, a soil stormwater absorption experiment

      Interesting article

    3. Green Roof Ecology Students Design Projects for NYC Urban Rooftops

      Try annotating this article!

    1. Annotating with Groups Annotating with GroupsJeremy Dean2017-05-30T11:43:04+00:00

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  8. Feb 2019
    1. For layers which are followed by a GLU activation, we pro-pose a weight initialization scheme by adapting the deriva-tions in (He et al., 2015b; Glorot & Bengio, 2010; Ap-pendix A).

      Unable to reproduce in current version - this was done with the Chrome extension

    1. ReflectingonthispracticeinhisbookOneEarthManyReligions,Knitterwrites,“Wehadthe WordandSpirit;theyhadsinandheathenism.

      trying to annotate the same passage in the Public channel

  9. Jan 2019
    1. Most hotels charge you an extra fee if you bring your pet, but at the Paw House Inn, they add $10 to your bill if you don’t bring a dog.

      Some New England charm for you

      (this annotation was made using the Via proxy on Safari for Mac)

    2. . The resort has a bacon scavenger hunt through the woods and bone broth mutt-tinis at the bar,

      sounds like it would be great for humans too, honestly.

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  10. Dec 2018
    1. Edward Tufte

      I wish all academics would read Tufte before ever creating a slide deck :)

    2. Margaret Atwood

      Atwood is definitely one of my favorite authors. I do love The Handmaid's Tale and the MaddAddam trilogy, but my favorites of hers are where she explores women and their relationships with each other, namely The Robber Bride and Cat's Eye. Her Stone Mattress short story collection is incredible as well.

  11. Nov 2018
    1. Gates calls the new approach a “breakthrough,” but some environmental groups say gene drives are too dangerous to ever use.

      trying to add a tag

    2. United Nations considers a test ban on evolution-warping gene drives

      Yep, I'm seeing this in Chrome too

  12. Oct 2018
    1. They will work until they collapse, so care should be taken to avoid overworking them.

      They will play until they collapse, too!

    2. disallowing extremely light or extremely dark coats

      I've adopted two goldens who were too dark and too light, respectively, to be showdogs. It's a shame that people abandon these sweet and loving doggos just because they don't qualify for championships.

    3. a noticeable whitening of the fur on and around the muzzle

      aka "sugarsnout" 😍

    4. Golden retrievers are rarely choosy eaters

      Sometimes to their detriment. Be careful of what you leave in their presence! It will probably get eaten.

    1. Making Bulb More Accessible Heydon Pickering
    2. The Imitation Game Job van Achterberg

      Simulation alone might have opposite of intended effect— participants might end up feeling negatively about the disability being simulated.

      However, if framed with an appropriate conversation, the simulation can have positive effects and build empathy

    3. Three Lessons from Co-designing in a Large Corporation Alwar Pillai

      Co-design: empowering users to make design decisions


      • Timing: a11y often not considered until too late in the design process
      • Budget: when retrofitting for a11y, creates cost issues


      • Calling co-design sessions "meetings" appealed to the company culture & made it seem more casual. Team was more open to the idea this way.

      Measuring success

      • Scope & compliance: how much of product is compliant?
      • Shared responsibility: does everyone in the product lifecycle feel a sense of responsibility for a11y?
      • Open lines of communication between designers and devs & users with disabilities
    4. [Dog Barking in Distance] Vanessa Wells
      • Remember that subtitles and captions are not the same! Subtitles = just transposing spoken parts. Captions include sound effects.
      • Lack of QA for captions is ableism

      How to make captions better

      • Special training is required - not just anyone can do this -Captioning should be a discipline within media & comms studies
      • For sounds: it's significant if it contributes to the purpose of the scene. Background sounds, even if loud, are not always necessary!
      • Also, sometimes silence is necessary to point out to create appropriate atmosphere
      • Pay attention to idioms and make sure they're spelled / punctuated properly, otherwise it'll trip up the reader
      • Fact checking is necessary to make sure sounds are being described properly (sirens vs factory whistles, as an example)
      • Be exact about music playing - include song title, artist, and lyrics
      • Make sure captions aren't obscured by background
    5. Creating Accessible React Apps Scott Vinkle

      How to set page titles with React

      • default behavior: page title not updated and not announced to screen reader
      • use document.title property to display name after load (Note: this might be useful info for Hypothesis to provide to publishers / page owners once we had support for SPAs)

      Managing focus during page load

      • don't use document.getElementById because it doesn't work reliably
      • use React Ref API, set focus on the div after the page is fully loaded
    6. The Dark Side of the Grid Manuel Matuzović
      • Both tab order and screen reader order follows DOM order. Changing visual order with CSS grid has no effect on DOM and therefore screenreader. Can make things confusing for keyboard users, users of screen magnifiers.
      • Change source order, not visual order
      • Test all layouts with keyboard to make sure focus order is as expected
      • Don't compromise on semantics for visual order
    7. SC 1.3.5: More than just autocomplete John Foliot

      WCAG 2.1 Requirements:

      • 5 examples of websites meeting the requirement, at least 2 meeting AA and 1 meeting AAA
      • For each criterion, there needed to be at least 2 examples of how to implement
      • Documenting and testing procedures

      History of Success Criterion 1.3.5

      • Personalization: tailoring aspects of UX to meet preferences or needs of user
      • Buttons, controls, links, inputs, can be modified/personalized by user --> First, identify purpose

      Technical needs:

      • publicly published metadata schema
      • means of attaching metadata at the element level
      • demonstrate value of attaching the metadata

      Personalization task force formed to work on:

      • taxonomies for semantics, help & support, and tools
      • in the future: implement a "numbers-free" mode for users with dyscalculia
      • work is being tracked in personalization-semantics repo
      • Seeking feedback on vocab list
      • HTML5 autocomplete attribute can be used to hint to user how to or whether to provide information --> provided a taxonomy for 2.1

      Extensions for SC 1.3.5

      • One that adds commonly used pictograms for certain words
      • One that presents a compact list of all autocomplete fields on the page (could help with security concerns re: off-screen inputs)
    8. Game Accessibility In 2018 Ian Hamilton
      • AT: single switch. Anything with just a simple on/off switch. Could be a button, tube to blow into, etc (like what Steven Hawking would use!)
      • Consider that cognitive disabilities might be present in addition to physical ones.
      • “Games represent access to recreation, culture, and socializing. The difference between existing and living.”

      Recent advancements:

      • Nintendo Switch introduced color inverting and greyscale options. First time in history every major gaming system has some level of a11y integration!
      • Xbox has adaptive controller which allows you to completely remap controls in any way you want.
      • GameCritic now includes screenshot of what subtitles look like and screenshot of game controls. Allows someone to know whether they’ll be able to play the game.
      • Ubisoft now does FAQs for a11y features in games.
      • EA Sports also surfacing a11y info and publishing manuals in screen reader accessible format
      • Publish a11y info in advance of game release so AT users can decide whether they’ll buy the game ahead of time.
      • Consider addition of “stress free mode” where users can play without worrying about failure (see: Barbarian)
      • Madden 18 added haptics (in addition to preexisting announcer feature) to make the game accessible to blind users
      • Auto camera tracking removes need to use right joystick when walking
      • Customizable subtitles!!!!
    9. A Primer on the Designer's a11y Responsibility Hala Anwar
      • Wireframes are only visual, meaning devs are responsible for figuring out how the product behaves for all non-sighted users
      • Designers need to create comparable experience for everyone who uses the product
      • Include WCAG-compliant guidelines re: color, contrast, focus states, etc in your design system
      • For wireframes, mark up header, main, and footer sections so devs know to use appropriate semantic roles
      • Focus order: designers should draw the path of focus order for devs
      • Tip: get the NVDA list of elements to see links and buttons out of order, see if it still makes sense
      • WAI-ARIA cheat sheet by Karl Groves
      • Create a table where each element of the page is listed. Create columns for role, properties, and any state changes
    10. Microsoft's Inclusive Tech Lab Tara Voelker

      "Simulators are not for validation. They're for ideation. We don't roleplay disabilities." <br>–@LadieAuPair, #a11yTOConf

      — Eric BooOOOooley (@ericwbailey) October 16, 2018

      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>

      Accessible interior design for labs: adjustable lighting, high contrasting furniture on dark carpet, and chairs that are sturdy but easy to move #a11yToConf

      — Nell Chitty (@NellChitty) October 16, 2018

      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>
    11. Why wait? Let's make virtual reality accessible today! Thomas Logan

      "Leverage capitalism" for alt text for objects in virtual environments. In 3D marketplaces, objects are labelled for search discoverability; we can reuse these labels in virtual spaces, too, to identify what these objects are. Great recommendation from @TechThomas at #a11yTOConf

      — Cordelia (@cordeliadillon) October 16, 2018

      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>

      #a11yTOConf @TechThomas<br>Add alternative text; use the object name from the marketplace. pic.twitter.com/6GpuHgqqAR

      — Adrian Roselli 🗯 (@aardrian) October 16, 2018

      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script> ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dpojin8U4AIsACA.jpg)

      Allow users to disclose and store user preferences, including accessibility considerstions, for 3D excited experiences. @TechThomas, #a11yTOConf

      — Eric BooOOOooley (@ericwbailey) October 16, 2018
      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>

      A-Frame GUI Examples #a11yTOConf https://t.co/Kr6RgLSoPa

      — Nell Chitty (@NellChitty) October 16, 2018

      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>
    12. The benefits and dangers of static code linting as a method of evaluating interface accessibility support Jesse Beach

      #a11yTOConf @jessebeach shows a function that loops through a pre-defined list of valid ARIA roles as part of a React linting process. pic.twitter.com/BkxdLtotSK

      — Adrian Roselli 🗯 (@aardrian) October 16, 2018

      <script async="" charset="utf-8" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script>

    13. Adventures in AOM Rob Dodson
      • AOM = accessibility object model. Proposed new collection of JavaScript APIs for web a11y being worked on by Google, Apple, and Mozilla
      • Goals: fill in ARIA gaps, expose computed properties, enable a11y for custom-drawn UI

      Fill in gaps with ARIA

      • Work toward attribute and property parity.
      • ARIA is string-based which makes working in JS inconvenient, AOM is working to fix this
      • Also, components should have built in semantics, rather than devs needing to remember which to set (& risk having browsers set them incorrectly)
      • Read more
      • Map actions to DOM events
      • Add new InputEvents types (currently designed primarily for text editing; need increment/decrement/dismiss events)
    14. Everything I learned about interaction design I learned in the senior center computer lab Cordelia Dillon
      • CAPTCHA is difficult for elderly people, especially if English isn’t their first language. But also conceptually: if they’re being asked to provide birthday and other personal info, why are they then asked to prove they’re not a robot?
      • A lot of tech is created by young, able-bodied people and as a result for them. Who gets excluded?
      • 15% of the US population is over the age of 65 as of 2017. Will increase to 22% by 2050. Older adults are a rapidly growing user base
      • Many older adults are low income or house less, therefore using older / outdated devices
      • Arthritis, low dexterity, tremors among common concerns for older adults

      Design principles for older adults:

      • Provide more than one way of performing an action (I.e. opening an app: double click, voice command...,)
      • Don’t add time-based pressure
      • Large tap targets (48px minimum), generous margins between targets, consideration of action order (don’t put trash too close to save!)
      • Outline tap targets clearly so users know where to tap (button outlines, form field outlines, etc)
      • Allow for user to easily recover from mistakes
      • Strong color contrast
      • Tooltips help a user know they’re about to interact with the correct thing
      • Avoid thin fonts
      • Don’t use the same icon for multiple meanings across one app
      • Describe functionality and key concept in plain language. Provide as much documentation as possible, but make it contextual
      • Make sure navigation patterns are consistent and intuitive
      • Half of seniors write down a list of steps for how to use a website. Redesigns, even small ones, can present significant challenges for seniors.
      • Provide a reliable experience so users don’t have to re-learn interaction patterns
    15. From the Field: Levering User Research in your Accessibility Quest Mel Banyard
      • Minimum Compliance Approach: using baseline a11y standards as the only method for inclusive design. Example: something can have an 88% WCAG compliance, which is pretty good, but still be unusable to a blind user.
      • Actual interviews/user testing with disabled users is necessary in addition to standard compliance work. “Move past the minimum”
      • Don’t just diagnose. Consider social context in which tech is used. Example: blind people tend to go with “low tech” solutions like canes and dogs because more high-tech options make things socially awkward for them.
      • People consider if a technology can serve them combined with how it will serve them. Does this fit with my sense of self?
      • Consider how a product might work in a user’s day-to-day life. That means you need to know what the day-to-day life is like for a user with disabilities.
      • When setting success criteria, ask how your definition of success could limit someone’s ability to be successful. Consider remote sessions instead of F2F. Don’t assume lack of eye contact or verbal feedback = disinterest
    16. Designing and Developing for the Neurodivergent Mind Shell Little
      • Neurodivergence = having a brain that functions in a way that diverges from the dominant societal standards of "normal." Covers a large scope of cognitive disabilities: autism, ADHD, and more
      • WCAG does not have a lot of guidelines for people with cognitive disabilities bc the landscape of neurodivergent minds is so complex and diverse

      Moving content:

      • A chat bot that pops up could be helpful to a neurotypical person, but for someone with sensory/distraction issues, it's a barrier
      • Sliding text across the screen can pull attention away from subtitles


      • Language processing disabilities: some need speech + captions, some get distracted by captions and can't understand speech. Subtitles should be configurable
      • If subtitles are paraphrasing rather than exactly as spoken, that's confusing for someone listening and following along with captions

      Voice to Text

      • Think beyond people with motor disabilities. People for whom English is not a 1st language or people with dyslexia / other cognitive disabilities are helped as well.
      • Don't disable voice to text for any reason!!
      • Google Docs' VTT works well and is an example to look at.

      Working Memory

      • Display password option in login form fields (note to self: does H have this??)
      • "Remember Me" and password autocomplete reduces cognitive load for those with working memory issues
      • Don't block access to password management software like LastPass
    17. If it’s interactive, it needs a focus style Eric Bailey
      • The A11y Project
      • Is it beautiful? Is it useful? Let’s not sacrifice the latter in the name of the former... focus styles are regarded as ugly, but many people rely on them!

      What makes a good link?

      • affordances like color, underline, hover states
      • Focus style! Every browser has a fallback state for when they are not specified by author. But these defaults aren’t always good enough for WCAG standards.
      • Don’t shift layout when styling for a link state!!
      • Check focus styles in high contrast mode to make sure they’re still visually distinct
      • Focus-within pseudoclass is useful for tables where cells contain links
      • Don’t make assumptions about how people use their devices. If someone is on a mobile device they might still be using a keyboard!
    18. Sustaining Accessibility – an Enterprise Commitment Sam Chandrashekar
      • A11y is not a static state— every time new code is added there is a risk of losing a11y
      • Sustaining a11y: what are the risks in maintaining? What are the challenges to keep it? Who has the power to support maintenance of a11y?

      Risks to A11y

      • Critical employee turnover, when 1 or few people are passionate about a11y and then later leave. Suggestion: promote active internal discussion for problem solving as a means of externalizing employee knowledge.
      • Inadequate a11y training. Suggestion: provide usable and useful training resources. Rather than long courses or workshops, consider just-in-time resources (i.e include instructions for installing & configuring a11y software with instructions for setting up dev environment)
      • Changes in regulatory requirements. Suggestion: create a11y SMEs in all areas of the organization, not just design or engineering
      • Inadequate oversight in product management
      • Loss of technology interoperability

      Organizational Commitments

      • prioritize a11y as a core value
      • Support employees in creating knowledge assets
      • Invest in infrastructure for knowledge management
    19. Unstoppable Campaign for Accessibility Laws – Latest News David Lepofsky

      Overview of laws at the provincial and federal level in Canada

      • Provincial: Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Other provinces are now following suit with similar laws. Lesson from Ontario: passing a law is one thing, getting it implemented is another thing entirely. Govt has currently frozen a11y efforts pending “briefing of new government,” which was elected over 100 days ago.
      • Federal: Accessible Canada Act. A good start, but is a weak bill (no timelines or obligations). Currently fighting for concrete timelines.

      Lessons learned

      • Accepted wisdom: a11y should be implemented for govt first, then large private sector corporations, then small private sector companies. However, it’s much easier for small companies and orgs to implement changes, so these should be tackled first.
      • If there’s no deadline, there’s no pressure for action.
      • Don’t splinter the power to make standards & access to enforce them. Creates inefficiency and dysfunction.
    20. Data Verbalization Doug Schepers
      • Common metaphor: data visualization = a story about data. More helpful: it's a user interface for data. Data visualization IS accessibility technology. Helps people with and without cognitive disabilities by reducing effort required to interpret data.
      • The idea of helping a user interpret data isn't inherently visual. "The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures"
      • Cognitive load: how much effort is required to understand something. Germane cognitive load: brain looking for patterns within clutter to determine context. Serial tasks cost more cognitive load than parallel tasks
      • Pre-attentive attributes ideal for visual data representation: size, 2D position, and saturation
      • Gestalt principles also help with understanding with relatively little cognitive load
      • If tables were accessible, we wouldn't have data visualizations. So we know they're not good enough on their own.
      • Demo of accessible data viz tool Fizz Reader
    21. Finding the Place Where Accessibility and SEO Happily Co-Exist Carie Fisher
      • SEO = strategic changes to websites to increase search engine ranking
      • A11y = designing & building websites so anyone can interact regardless of ability.
      • Structure: good for search engine bots AND assistive tech users. Using semantic HTML, clear & consistent architecture improve scan-ability for bots and humans alike. (Tip: don’t overuse h1 tags. Search engines will down-rank you if you have too many)
      • Links & media: a11y also helps users with low bandwidth & those who view content without sound (i.e., when in public). Descriptive link text, alt text, consistent file naming, all help with SEO as well as a11y.
      • Content: include bullets, lists, & white space (preferred by SE bots and people with attention/cognitive disorders) and aim for 9th-grade reading level for copy
      • A11y Style Guide available here
    22. Assistive technology: training, UX and design: what devs need to know about UX and Aging Sassy Outwater
      • AT is a barrier for seniors accessing technology because it’s expensive & there’s a learning curve
      • biggest issues = overestimating what AT can do or underestimating what seniors can do.
      • important to understand the emotional component of seniors needing assistive tech. For some it’s traumatic to acquire disability so they are coming to your product already frustrated.
      • What makes a good website for an elderly end user? Obvious items include text size, mouse and keyboard use both accounted for, basically WCAG standards
      • Seniors like what works, meaning they hate upgrading / updating their tech.
      • “Don’t make me hunt down my mouse cursor in a mass of text”
      • Consider cognitive load and distractions. Moving elements or pop ups break focus and cause the user to forget what they were doing.
      • Use clear error message so when a form can’t be submitted the user knows where the error is and how to fix it
      • Personas should consider: various short term memory lengths, lack of tech knowledge, and the perspectives of real people with disabilities
    23. Steve Faulkner
      • ARIA should be used sparingly— “the first rule of ARIA is only use it when you need to”
      • when AJAX first started being used JAWS and other screen readers didn’t look for updates after page load, so pages built with AJAX presented a problem
      • the idea that screen readers are to blame when they don’t work with HTML5 is a myth. Remember that many new HTML5 standards not yet implemented for browsers.
      • Steve has created a github repo so people can file issues for bugs with JAWS / VFO
    1. Let me walk you through how simple creating a basic web extension is!


    1. Major League Soccer was founded in 1993 as part of the United States' successful bid to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup.[10] The first season took place in 1996 with ten teams.


  13. Sep 2018
    1. Although previous studies have demonstrated the adverse effects of war experiences on mental health and mental health problems with interpersonal sensitivity, it is possible that interpersonal sensitivity may explain the continued mental health problems among war-affected youth.


  14. biopub.hypothes.is biopub.hypothes.is
    1. E. coli, many are of metabolic enzymes. Thus, acetylation could represent a novel posttranslational mechanism of metabolic control. Yet, almost nothing is known about the regulation of these acetylations or of their metabolic outcomes.


    1. Historic ambiance and attentive service combine with high-quality food and beer at the original, award-winning Great Dane Pub. Featuring three bars, an outdoor beer garden, flat-screen TVs, billiards, shuffleboard, darts, and more than 14 beers brewed on-site.

      Sunday brunch + shuffleboard??

    1. Bassett Street Brunch Club is your downtown Madison restaurant destination for all-day, all-night brunch plus comfort food classics. Our menu features fun and familiar Mod-American cuisine revved up with a little style and sophistication. Besides brunch food, we serve up yummy appetizers and sandwiches, fresh salads and creative dinner entrees. We open our doors bright and early each day.

      Sunday brunch

    1. Enjoy a view of Lake Monona and the downtown skyline with friends and family all around and a cold drink in your hand. Join us at the Biergarten for good feelings of gemütlichkeit—a unique German word describing friendliness and good cheer.   Bring your own picnic or enjoy our local Nürnburg-style bratwursts, giant pretzels, and fresh, squeaky cheese curds. Play some yard games or just enjoy the view. Share in this unique park experience that brings Madisonians and visitors together in a lively and family-friendly atmosphere.

      Biergarten with view of skyline + cheese cards!

    1. HOPTOBERFEST Sunday, September 23rd @ 10AM   You don’t have to go to Germany to partake in the celebration of the world’s most well-known beer festival. HopCat will bring it to you! We’ll be pouring our favorite local and authentic imported  Oktoberfestbiers, and serving our favorite German-inspired food specials. Guests are encouraged to wear their best lederhosen or dirndls. We’ll also be giving away a limited amount of Oktoberfest steins (while supplies last) so get there early!

      This place has over 100 beers on tap!

    1. State Street only runs between campus and Capitol Square, and it’s pedestrian (and bus) only, so you don't have to be worried about crazy drivers while you text and walk. The University Book Store is a one-stop shop for all things red and covered in Bucky, and the rest of the street is lined with an eclectic mix of bohemian shops, food carts, restaurants, bars, and other businesses worth popping into. It's especially fun to wander and bar hop after midnight, then join in when everyone heads to Ian's Pizza at closing time for a Smokey the Bandit slice.

      good idea for Sunday

    1. So a weighted blanket it is. “We’re not understanding how to deal with [mental health]. Instead, we’re throwing products at it,” says Beautiful Voyager’s Arthur. “It’s very American.”

      Or: we are making certain tools, which used to be niche and therefore expensive and hard to find, widely available.

    2. So, yes, meditation apps may help us meditate, and meditation may reduce anxiety. Weighted blankets may calm us down long enough to fall and stay asleep, which will help us feel better the next day. And fidget devices can distract us so that instead of ruminating on negative thoughts, we’re expending mental energy on something physical.

      Products that are designed for people with disabilities often have benefits even for those without that disability. That does mean the product cures or treats an underlying condition. It's just a tool.

    3. There are plenty of places to point fingers: your phone, the president, climate change, the recession, FOMO, divorce, social media, student debt, terrorism, the 24-hour news cycle, the economy, “the economy,” living farther from family, toxins in your gut, too many choices, too little sleep, too little sex. Or maybe we’re just overdiagnosing anxiety and actually, everything’s fine.

      Or maybe reduced stigma against mental health combined with wider access to health insurance under the Affordable Care Act has allowed more people to seek help. I don't think anxiety is any more prevalent than it was before; I think more of us are talking about it.

  15. Aug 2018
    1. The Golden Retriever is a large-sized breed of dog

      Goldens are the best breed!

    1. Impulsiveness is a personality trait that reflects an urge to act spontaneously without thinking or planning ahead for theconsequences of your actions.

      testing document equivalency - from the PDF

    1. In the study presented here, we applied exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis (EFA and CFA, respectively) to reexamine the structure of impulsiveness as measured by the BIS-11 and to produce an alternative scale, the ABbreviated Impulsiveness Scale (ABIS). Our analysis proceeded in three broad phases.

      testing document equivalency - from the HTML

  16. Jul 2018
    1. very soon (in a matter of weeks) we will be launching a private group feature that will streamline this workflow–annotations will be publishable to a specific group and that group will have a stream that can be followed.
    1. Following inclusive design, we look to make interventions not only to support accessibility for specific types of users, but to make annotation a better and easier experience for everyone.

      These interventions include complying with Level AA Success Criteria set out by the W3C in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

    1. The current format of the competition involves a qualification phase, which currently takes place over the preceding three years, to determine which teams qualify for the tournament phase, which is often called the World Cup Finals. After this, 32 teams, including the automatically qualifying host nation(s), compete in the tournament phase for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month.

      testing annotation with safari + via

    1. We can’t force two people to become friends, nor should we want to.


    2. If two friendly players want to play together, they may not be able to because either the newbie is so weak as to be useless to the higher level player or the higher level player gets so little reward from helping out the newbie that the friendship is the waste of their time.

      This has discouraged me from participating in online play in the past.

    3. In many online multiplayer games, players enter as strangers and remain strangers. Due to a variety of unquestioned logistics, economic and social signalling choices, other human beings end up being treated as interchangeable, disposable or abusable. We can do better.

      Interesting concept!

  17. Jun 2018
    1. The 911 call is less about an emergency and more about an inability to provide for themselves. A lack of access to basic human needs like food, water, and hygiene will all eventually become medical if ignored for long enough. Bare fridges lead to malnutrition, broken plumbing creates infection. Addiction becomes overdose

      A great argument for providing these basic necessities to everyone, and treating this as a human right.

    1. Cocker Spaniels are dogs belonging to two breeds of the spaniel dog type: the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel, both of which are commonly called simply Cocker Spaniel in their countries of origin.

      I love their floppy ears!

    1. Regardless of conformance, it is vital for accessibility that there be good contrast for text and that links be discernible.


    1. The story included a couple options that came in plus sizes, which I appreciated, but none of them were all that similar to the actual trend, probably because there were scant options for Peoples to choose from in plus sizes in the first place.

      I often find that I can't wear a trend until a good 2 years after I start seeing it on thinner women.

    1. incentives ultimately did nothing to improve the quality of the work.

      this is... entirely unsurprising to me. pay, health care, and other core benefits (retirement, life insurance, etc) are what allows me to feel secure enough to focus wholly on my work. fun incentives like food trucks can't substitute for core benefits.

  18. May 2018
    1. témoin, responsable du développement des affaires chez Dessau à l'époque, a décrit l'ex-maire de Laval comme le « maître du système » de collusion à Laval. Ainsi, lorsque le maire l'a convoqué dans son bureau à l'hiver 2008 pour lui demander de verser 300 000 $ en argen

      Testing with iPhone

    1. An empty airport may sound heavenly to anyone who has had to cope with the crowds and chaos at La Guardia or Hartsfield-Jackson or O’Hare. But it is a humbling reality for Memphis.

      I've never suffered through Hartsfield-Jackson but I can confirm that LGA and O'Hare are pretty miserable!

    1. just as millions more marched in the streets across the globe, from the Philippines to Puerto Rico to celebrate the holiday known to many as International Workers’ Day.

      Puerto Ricans were also marching in protest of proposed austerity measures in the recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria

    1. How likely are you to continue using Hypothesis for your school work?

      Same feedback as teacher survey: Current UX standards say that 1-5 provides more useful info than a 1-10 scale. And in Dawa's UX surveys, she uses 1-5 as well. If it is really important to you to have 1-10 data, I don't think it's a HUGE deal, but might be nice to keep it consistent across surveys here at H!

    2. Expanded notificationsAbility to follow pagesAbility to follow users

      Same feedback as teacher survey:

      Will students know what this means? I might say:

      • Receive notifications when a page is annotated
      • Receive notifications when a user makes an annotation

      And this might make the "Expanded notifications" point redundant.

    3. Did you find Hypothesis useful as a learning tool? *

      Similar to teaching survey, could do something like:

      • On a scale of 1 - 5, how useful was Hypothesis as a learning tool? // Not at all useful [ 1 2 3 4 5] Extremely useful
      • What made you choose this rating? [short answer]
      • Which of the following statements describes your experience with using Hypothesis as a learning tool? Check all that apply. [add options from "If yes above…." question
    1. How important is it to you that Hypothesis is open source and based on open standards?

      Current UX standards say that 1-5 provides more useful info than a 1-10 scale. And in Dawa's UX surveys, she uses 1-5 as well. If it is really important to you to have 1-10 data, I don't think it's a HUGE deal, but might be nice to keep it consistent across surveys here at H!

    2. (to Word, etc.)

      consider: (to CSV for generating learning analytics, to Word, etc) - I think "learning analytics as a buzzword will "hook" teachers and might give this option some momentum

    3. Ability to follow pagesAbility to follow users

      Will teachers know what this means? I might say:

      • Receive notifications when a page is annotated
      • Receive notifications when a user makes an annotation

      And this might make the "Expanded notifications" point redundant.

    4. Did you find Hypothesis useful as an education tool? *

      A simple yes / no might not give us useful info, and even if a teacher says no overall, there may be some statements in the next question that applied to their experience, so we don't want to discourage them from answering with "If yes above..."

      Consider a slightly different flow:

      • On a scale of 1 - 5, how useful was Hypothesis as an education tool? // Not at all useful [ 1 2 3 4 5] Extremely useful
      • What made you choose this rating? [short answer]
      • Which of the following statements describes your experience with using Hypothesis as an education tool? Check all that apply. [add options from "If yes above...." question
  19. Apr 2018
    1. There is a different narrative that one can tell about the current era.

      testing - Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet

    2. What year do you predict such a future comes to pass? 2030? 2040? 2050 and beyond if even then?

      test - It’s Time for Technology to Serve all Humankind with Unconditional Basic Income

    3. A friend and I ran into one of his investors in a café in San Francisco, and the investor asked if we’d heard of a Soylent competitor, Ample. He was curious what we thought of it, and of meal replacement companies in general.

      test - Yes, You Should Delete Facebook

    4. Facebook is not a monopoly

      test - Facebook is not a monopoly

    1. I'm always watching the news. I'm always looking at it on my phone. I hate when you talk about something that's going on in the community, people think, because you're famous, you doing it for clout. But you concerned about it because you are a citizen of America; you are a citizen of the world.
    2. Cardi B cares deeply about America's reception on the world stage. It mortifies her that the United States has become a nation where mass shootings are routine.

      Me too, Cardi.

    3. . She knows which president succeeded Roosevelt (his vice president, Truman) and which preceded him (Hoover). She gives a brief overview of the 22nd Amendment. She used to be able to list all the U.S. presidents in order of term but is too nervous to try it in front of me. As a compromise, she invites me to name any president.Buchanan."He was the 15th president," she says, and her tone is as neutral as if she were reciting types of weather. "Buchanan is the only president that was a bachelor."

      This reads as so condescending. Why are we surprised that she has this knowledge if she told you she loves political science? Because she's a current rapper and former stripper? Come on.

    1. 10 Hidden URLs to Help You Rule the Web

      these are not "hidden URLs." you are just learning how these companies' url structures work. why dumb down the language like this?

    1. otional energy to serve as the person who contacts other faculty. Some of the students for whom I advocate are not my advisees, which means that I have to spend ext


  20. Mar 2018
    1. “A real religion,” she argued, “has a lineage. Other masters are seen as part of that tradition, and they provide some checks and balances, and some humility. A cult, on the other hand, is a group run by a single charismatic leader who egoistically sets himself up as the single source of authority, as having a new revelation, as the only ‘enlightened one,’ and, therefore, as superseding all other sources of authority. Buddha didn’t set himself up that way. Moses and Jesus didn’t set themselves up that way.”

      a distinction that many struggle to put into words

    2. academically-trained intellectuals are “especially vulnerable to this because they have been trained to use their heads, but not their emotions

      and are thus more susceptible to emotional manipulation. wow.

    3. Rajneesh was comparing himself to Hitler toward the end, stating that Hitler had been similarly misunderstood when he sought to create a “new man” (something Rajneesh also claimed to be doing).

      this was CERTAINLY not made clear by the documentary

    1. They are marching, writing lesson plans, changing the signs on bathroom doors and, alongside their students, pushing colleagues and school administrators and elected officials to improve awareness of gender issues.

      Will the article title show correctly on my activity page?

    2. "In preparation for this walkout, we asked that students design something related to civic action," Salicki says.

      Good idea to turn this into a learning experience.

    3. "It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate."

      I find myself returning to this quote often during the current news cycle.

    1. Many a sermon described America as a place set apart for divine purposes

      ...completely ignoring the millions of people who were systematically killed and robbed of their land in order to establish this place called "America"

    2. partial-birth abortion

      The medically correct term for this is "late-term abortion," and calling it "partial-birth abortion" is a means of fear-mongering used by anti-choicers to get people to support taking rights away from women.

    1. "I look at some of the things he's watching and I say, how is that possible?"  

      uh, you're the parent. you LET him.

    1. "kindly, friendly and confident".

      I would agree with that statement

    1. It’s undoubtedly hard to get all eight measures of engagement into every classroom activity, but research by John Antonetti shows that at least three can make a big difference for how much kids learn.

      Encouraging to know it's not an "all-or-nothing" situation!

  21. Feb 2018
    1. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

      One of the most famous opening lines in the history of the modern novel

    1. is it a valuable part of scholarship that deserves more formal status, and if so, how can it be supported and preserved?

      ...and would this be welcome?

    1. If you have Hypothesis activated now, you can practice on this sentence. 

      See? That was easy! :)

    1. Much to your surprise, a member of the Flat Earth Society moves in next door.

      oh no!

    2. a collapsed star so dense that to duplicate its interior we would have to squeeze every human being on Earth into a single raindrop.


  22. biopub.hypothes.is biopub.hypothes.is
    1. Global protein acetylation is a newly discovered phenomenon in bacteria.

      So exciting!

    1. On one side write this sentence: I can't ____ because of ___ . List every single thing you can't do and why you can't do it. On the other side of the page, write: I have to ___ because ___ . Fill in those blanks, too. Record every demand that is placed upon you and why you must do it. Don't censor your writing. Take some time with this. Run through a typical day and think about all the times you say "yes" and "no." Make no judgments. This is only an information-gath­ering exercise.

      an interesting exercise

    2. Star of Recovery: The Focused Shadow

      Love the idea of starting with a specific card that is worrisome/troubling

    3. Be certain your request is unselfish and justified. If it's not, you may find yourself being chased by her vengeance.

      when... is it not "justified" to ask for protection from sexual harassment, domestic violence, or rape? Actually, never mind. Don't call on the Crone for these things. Seek professional help.

    4. The Crone offers strength and comfort in the dark. She will not seek or call upon you; you must search for her and learn to trust the darkness. Her gifts are wisdom, transformation, clairvoyance, protec­tion, peaceful endings, and profound spiritual healing
    5. When you arrive at a point of unhappiness enough to want help, it is time to actively seek it.

      I would argue it's best to get help before then - and shadow work in conjunction with therapy could help process emotions that come up

    6. Shadow work is best performed in a nonjudgmental, neutral frame of mind.
    7. "shadow'' is defined as unresolved inner conflicts and unexpressed emotions. It refers to those archetypal images which are intuitively recognizable as a troubling part of us: saboteur, martyr, vic­tim, addict, sadist, masochist, or tyrant.

      mirrors the way many schools of therapy operate - presenting issue is often seen as the result of unexpressed emotions or events in the patient's past that have not been properly dealt with

    8. The collective shadow is made of negative traits held by races of people or countries as a whole, projected onto a minority group or nation.

      VERY uncomfortable with the idea of "traits held by races of people or countries as a whole." Does this come from Jung, or from Jette? Either way, some racism/bigotry is at work here,



    1. Sometimes, great science arises from an astute observation and

      2nd annotation in the public layer

    2. By the end of World War II, biologists

      Annotation in the public layer

    1. The blood moon portion of the eclipse will enter totality at 4:51 a.m. and peak at 5:30 a.m

      Way too early for me to wake up, I'm afraid

  23. inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net
  24. doc-10-0g-docs.googleusercontent.com doc-10-0g-docs.googleusercontent.com
    1. WHEREAS, Hypothesis has developed its proprietary offering to enable collaborative annotation over publisher’s online content

      testing to get a hang of how this works....