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  1. Oct 2021
    1. we ask that question posters do some initial research before posting

      well with enough research(and the requisite time) answers to all except the most cutting-edge profound questions can be found without having to ask anything anywhere (except maybe google)... it is to get answers for questions more quickly than that, that questions are asked in sites like this one... if the question is not a duplicate in the site, instead of -1ing such non-technical questions why not create a category or tag called "non-technical" or something and not blame the question poster?

  2. Sep 2021
  3. Jul 2021
    1. You canaccept the principle of stationary action as something so beautiful and profound


  4. Jun 2021
    1. ou know that with Wine Virtual Desktops you can set the size to the native resolution of your monitor - right? Just enter the monitor X and Y pixel counts in the 2 boxes.

      use winecfg command to get that menu my resolution was 1366 x 768

  5. May 2021
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  8. Feb 2021
    1. Linux: You should know how to do it  

      WHAT THE FUCK? WHY??????????

    1. 3. Open Terminal and run ls /sys/firmware. If "efi" is listed, stop and report back. If it's not listed, you're good to go. 4. Open GParted. Delete all the current Mint partitions, including the EFI partition. This should leave you with 98 GB unallocated space.

      point 4 should be done before point 3

      PS. thank you so much pbear, wannabelinuxguy and all others.. i had almost the exact same problem

  9. Jan 2021
  10. Oct 2020
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  12. Aug 2020
    1. Mobile device users can access Hypothesis using a special link that includes the web address of the document to annotate.

      Actually using the hypothesis BOOKMARKLET is much more convinient than 'paste a link' or typing "via.hypothes.is/" in front of every link you want to annotate. With the bookmarklet all you need to do is, when you find a page that you want to bookmark, in the search bar of the mobile browser search for the name you saved the bookmarklet as and click it. It will immediately load hypothesis on the page just like clicking the hypothesis extention would do in pc. To bookmark the bookmarklet link (which can be found in https://web.hypothes.is/start) in the mobile browser, copy the link address of the bookmarklet link (which is a javascript code) and just edit an existing (useless) bookmark already there in the mobile browser replace the url with the bookmarklet link. Also give it a title (like "bookmarklet hypothesis") which you would type in the address bar of the mobile browser to find the bookmarklet bookmark.

      If you want to automatically activate the bookmarklet on every page(or specific urls) see the comment below by @diegodlh.. This uses Greasemonkey.

    1. (Guess what pwd stands for?)

      aww...thanks dev for making us non-programmers feel like we are part of this world

  13. Jul 2020
    1. 2. NoxA free emulator that lets you sideload apps from outside Google Play

      UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE: At the time of writing this annotation this link to nox emulator's website does not point to the official website. there is a small note at the bottom of the page downloadnox.com stating that it is a "unofficial site". As far as i have searched bignox.com is the official website for nox emulator. Never expected this from a post in techradar.

    1. Download: Free

      This download link directs to the official website unlike many other tech websites it saw. Be careful from which site you download nox guys. Atleast till now i think bignox.com is the official website. There are so many other "unofficial" sites that just have a small note at the end saying that it is not the official site. Anyhow good job Beebom.

    1. Nox

      The download link below doesn't take you to the official website for nox.

    2. Nox

      The download link below doesn't take you to the official website for nox.

    1. We are not associated with Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited. or any of it's developer. This is an unofficial resource website. No pirated content has been shared.

      THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE GUYS.. i think the official site is bignox.com. Don't know why this nox emulator has so many unofficial websites.

    1. The exponential term is usually >> 1 except for voltages below 100 mV.


    1. Donate

      can you make more payment options available. UPI apps like google pay make it much more convienient for a lot of people.

    2. Using Hypothesis on a mobile device

      i have summarised some minor tips to conviently use hypothesis in the following notion page: https://www.notion.so/Tips-on-using-hypothes-is-annotation-tool-797ebe03c3f5474abe9f260a067a7b66