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  1. Oct 2018
    1. We have seen that ever since Isadora Duncan entered the stage of politi-cal dance, various instances of sic-sensuous have been performed on the stage of the argument by bodies contracting into themselves and releasing to other bodies,

      Lookup: sec-sensuous. Om naar dans en politiek te kijken maakt Dana Mills gebruik van de term sic-sensuous. De term sic verwijst bij Mills naar drie zaken: “First, I read sic as a refusal to abide by the rules of the beautiful or the aesthetically acceptable. Second, the term sic is always an act of writing: one body writing upon another body, and bodies writing upon their space. Third, the term sic refers to slippage of meaning, interventions and revolutions. The concept that may seem an error to one speaking being is another speaking being’s method of expression.” Het conflict belichaamd Een onderzoek naar de voorstellingen van Arkadi Zaides rond het conflict Israël-Palestina aan de hand van politieke en sociale aspecten, Master scriptie Universiteit Gent