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  1. Dec 2020
    1. This short article provides a good overview of NoSQL concepts with a number of good references to go deeper.

    1. The theme and motivation in this paper is that Auto-ML can streamline building machine learning models by non-experts in healthcare. What is not clear is why they need to. A more prevalent question is how to streamline use of algorithms based on machine/deep learning in healthcare setting.

    2. This is a good manuscript to assign as a reading to the Machine Learning for Medical Applications course

    3. Overall, this is a good overview of what is out there vis-a-vis Auto-ML, associated concepts, and variations.

    1. Central to the approach is defining a large hierarchical optimization problem that involves identifying data transforms and the machine learning models themselves, in addition to the hyperparameters for the models

      Essentially, python auto-ml library does the leg-work for building the model and optimizing its macro structure