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  1. Nov 2020
    1. Janicki Omniprocessor ; The Advanced All-in-One Technology for A Cleaner Earth,Although it doesn’t seem to be a big problem in developed countries, sanitation is still a major concern in many poor countries.

    2. TerraPower is taking the complete initiative to produce more sustainable, scalable, safe, cost-efficient needs to be undertaken and this. One such mode is using nuclear power for higher thermal efficiency using uranium and resources in the most efficient , clean and safe way.

    3. Many engineers and tech companies are struggling to come up with an effective system for energy storage. One innovation that may work is ARES, which stands for Advanced Rail Energy Storage.

    4. FastOx Gasification Technology can process almost any kind of waste and convert those into sustainable energy and other valuable outcomes. Impressively, this mechanism requires no fuels to burn, nor that it leaves toxic by-products that may harm the environment.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. About 8-10% of the carbon emissions on the planet come as a result of building construction. Now, what if there is a way to produce concrete with much lower carbon footprints? The new technology is called CarbonCure. https://allsustainablesolutions.com/carboncure-the-strong-concrete-to-bid-carbon-waste-goodbye/

    2. Zero Mass Water Climate crisis has led us to water crises in some places on the Earth. Since humans cannot survive without water, the water crisis is not something we can take lightly. Zero Mass Water offers a solution to transform thin air into potable water. https://allsustainablesolutions.com/zero-mass-water-sustainable-water-production/

    3. Most people are looking up to wind and solar as sources for sustainable energy. Little did they know that far off the coastline, the sea holds a more powerful potential on its waves.Wavestar Energy; Converting the Sea Movement into Energy for Community https://allsustainablesolutions.com/wavestar-energy-converting-the-sea-movement-into-energy-for-community/

    4. Hydropower has been long considered as sustainable energy generator. But since it has a few major drawbacks, the technology has not been used much. Turbulent Hydro came to the rescue by eliminating the weakness of the hydropower. https://allsustainablesolutions.com/turbulent-hydro-a-whole-new-level-of-a-hydropower-plant/

    5. Precious Plastic is an open hardware plastic recycling project and is a type of open source digital commons project.Even though it can effectively reduce the plastic waste problem in the world, the practice of recycling is still incredibly low for now. https://allsustainablesolutions.com/precious-plastic-a-grand-universe-of-plastic-recycling/

    6. Gravity Storage is a system that utilizes the power of gravity to store the electricity supply in the form of potential energy. As a storage media, the technology uses water and rocks, which are largely available on the earth. https://allsustainablesolutions.com/gravity-storage-the-new-innovation-for-clean-energy-supply/

    7. Malta Grid Electricity is required for all our needs, and there is the scarcity of power. Malta Grid is the Sustainable Way of Thermal Energy Storage.Electricity is required for all our needs, and there is the scarcity of power. To match the deficiency, energy storage is an option.

    8. We live in a world with very limited solutions to the Other Sustainable Solutions. I often hear the view, “If we would just get off fossil fuels, then our society would be sustainable.”For more details check our website... https://allsustainablesolutions.com/category/other-sustainable-solutions/

    9. After record high Energy Production and consumption in 2018, U.S. energy production grew 5.7% and energy consumption decreased by 0.9% in 2019. Fossil fuels-petroleum, natural gas, and coal-accounted for about 80% of total U.S. primary energy production in 2019.For more details check our website...

    10. Energy Storage Storage options include batteries, thermal, or mechanical systems.There are many types of Energy Storage; this list serves as an informational resource for anyone interested in getting to know some of the most common technologies available.

    11. Energy vault Energy storing is going easier these days and it is safe for environment. Energy vault is an energy storage system that is completely based on gravity and kinetic energy. This system operates at huge cost efficient.

    12. Bladeless wind turbine- A Bladeless wind turbine is a wind turbine that works without blades nor gears or shafts. These turbines are used for energy storage. The earlier used process was a wing rotating in the air to generate electricity.

    13. Water pollution is a global issue that needs immediate attention. Every day, a large amount of plastic and chemical waste find their way to the ocean, through the rivers and local water bodies. Result in Ocean Pollution.

    14. Waterotor Energy Technologies aims to provide new cutting–edge technology for generating electricity for the betterment of humanity and the Planet Earth.Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. was founded in 2011 and aimed at providing renewable energy solutions at global levels.

  3. Sep 2020
    1. Land Life Company- At a time when the world is submerging in the ill-effects of climate change and deforestation, Land Life Company offers a simple, sustainable, and highly scalable option to deal with the situation.

    2. HomeBiogas- Homebiogas is a biogas digester that treats organic waste in a local and sustainable way. It produces biogas for cooking and rich fertilizer for your garden.

    3. Isla Urbana

      Isla Urbana is a project dedicated to contributing to water sustainability in Mexico through rainwater harvesting.That water will be the cause of the Third World War has acquired the status of a truism.

    4. What is Tableau If you are here, it must be because you, too, have heard the buzz surrounding Tableau. This inevitably brings us to the question, what is Tableau? Tableau software has been elected as a leader among the business intelligence tools for seven consecutive years.

    5. Nailing the interview takes an in-depth preparation and a huge amount of practice. We have compiled for you the most frequently asked 50 top tableau interview questions based on the difficulty level.

  4. Jul 2020
    1. Energy storing is going easier these days and it is safe for environment. Energy vault is an energy storage system that is completely based on gravity and kinetic energy. This system operates at huge cost efficient.