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  1. Feb 2020
    1. Don't wait Don’t wait. When you have something of value like a potential blog post or a small fix implement it straight away. Right now everything is fresh in your head and you have the motivation, inspiration is perishable. Don’t wait until you have a better version. Don’t wait until you record a better video. Don’t wait for an event (like Contribute). Inventory that isn’t released is a liability since it has to be managed, gets outdated, and you miss out on the feedback you get when you would have implemented it straight away.
    2. Cleanup over sign-off As discussed in Sid's interview on iteration, waiting for approval can slow things down. We can prevent this with automation (e.g. tests of database migration performance) or clean-up after the fact (refactor a Pajamas if something was added that isn't coherent), but we try to ensure people don't need to wait for signoff.