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  1. Sep 2021
    1. But I believe there will be more of a regional focus moving forward and you will need to have a proper digital presentation. You need to have the connectivity for people who aren’t going to recover from this as quickly as others.

      Is it possible to say that COVID -19 sped up what was to come in the future? For example, we all knew that the world was moving into a more digital/ tech/ world. People are so connected to their electronic devices. Social media and the internet has changed the way humans communicated. Is it safe to safe that these organizations and leaders in these positions of power failed us by not thinking ahead.

    2. Everybody believes you’re going to die as an institution or you’re going to go forward as something better.”

      this is powerful and very accurate. As a society we are moving in a direction that includes inclusivity. Institutions that cant keep up will be gone and may not be remembered.