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  1. Jun 2021
    1. None is thought to have a distinguished prose style or toreflect a concern with the unities and economies of formal con-struction that modern criticism seeks in great works of ar

      They lack, perhaps, what Matthiessen called the "organic principle".

    2. n fact, what all of these texts share, from the perspective of mod-ern criticism, is a certain set of defects that excludes them fromthe ranks of the great masterpieces: an absence of finely delineatedcharacters, a lack of verisimilitude in the story line, an excessivereliance on plot, and a certain sensationalism in the events por-trayed.

      Basic Question #5: What were common criticisms of popular literature?

      1. Absence of finely delineated characters
      2. Lack of verisimilitude
      3. Excessive reliance on plot
      4. Certain sensationalism in the events portrayed.