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  1. Feb 2018
    1. The piano to be exact.

      Does he know how to play the piano?

    2. I found out that Randy’s middle name starts


    3. This letter was sent in by Randy’s cousin. She gave very detailed insight into his life and clarified thoughts that one might have.  

      What is the name of his cousin? Go into detail about the letter.

    4. There was a letter that came with this panel separately.  

      What did the letter reveal to you? Tell us about his personal life that you read about in the letter. You could also include the color of the letters and the paper itself.

    5. There is a picture of “Michael and Randy”

      Go into thick detail about the picture, what color was is hair? etc. Be specific, did he have a gaze in his eyes?

    6. “a life of music, books, and laughter”

      Is this a direct quote from Randy? It could be a song look into that.

    7. shooting star in the top left corner.

      You could see if there is any significance of the shooting star and how it was related to his panel.

    8. The panel has Randy’s name across the top in yellow. Over the letter “R” is his name is a shooting star in the top left corner.

      Go into more detail concerning the size of the letters, spacial differences or stitch detailing. You could also include the texture of the fabric used.