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  1. Feb 2019
    1. intellect

      Intellect: rational aspect of human noesis.

      Sentience: Intelligence plus care.

      We need a single word for intelligence + care indivisible. Intelligence is not value/care-free.

      So far the only word I've found is the Sanskrit citta: heart/mind. As Heidegger says, "Care is the Being of Dasein (Human Existence)." Care needs to become intrinsic to the Tool System part of the whole system.

    2. whole system of a human and his augmentation

      Human System and its augmentation

      Tool System as augmenting the human system

      Can we add: Life System, as the support for Human and Tool Systems, and also affected by those.

      Can we look on that triple as the whole system, the Eco System?

    1. effective intellectual augmentation was always realized within a system, and that any intervention intended to accelerate intellectual augmentation must be understood as an intervention in a system.

      "“the success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.” - Hanover Insurance's Bill O'Brien, quoted by Otto Schamer in The Blind Spot of Leadership: Presencing as a Social Technology of Freedom. This is the core of Theory U, a set of practices for individual and group self-awareness, intentionality, and innovation - i.e., the Human System as a complex, adaptive, anticipatory system.