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  1. Oct 2018
    1. reflexivity has subversive effects

      (read whole sentence)

      Ex) Matrix, Inception, Shutter Island

      These examples all do exactly what the author describes: confuses and entangles the boundaries we impose on the world in order to make sense of that world.

      On a similar note, we often like to separate the "maker" from what is being "created" rather than "entangling the generator of the system with the system..." For example, a movie producer is generally not an actor in a movie. An artist does not typically draw himself. However, we do have a form of creation, writing, in which authors are constantly writing about themselves.

      Reverting back to Hayle's definition: Reflexivity is the movement whereby that which has been used to generate a system is made, through a changed perspective, to become part of the system it generates.

      This definition could imply that writing about oneself is subversive, because upon being read, one person's perspective has the capability to influence another, becoming a part of another person's mind, or system.