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  1. Sep 2016
    1. We can, if the buildings have survived, interpret them for ourselves.

      Every building still around today has some form of character. Every material and every design was specifically chosen to serve some purpose, and these all build up to tell a story not only about the building itself but about the area in which it exists. For example, in many large cities, the buildings are very tall, and a lot of people live in apartments because there is a strain on the space, and they can't fit enough people into it.

    2. survival

      This relates back to what we read in "Understanding Comics." The two main goals for us as humans is to survive and to reproduce. Everything that we produce, in some way is making out lives easier and more enjoyable, but ultimately, the point of these items is to help us survive.

  2. Aug 2016
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    1. they do not conform to Western conceptions of writing

      Western society, as viewed by many, is very self-centered. If it does not fit into our previous definitions of what is considered language or writing, we cast it aside.

    2. Few late nineteenth-century northeastern Native baskets were signed by their makers (a practice that is culturally Western)

      Could this be because to many of these people it was not a simple sign of what the original crafter was able to do, but instead a physical embodiment of the culture of the people and the journeys they had all been through?