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  1. Oct 2015
    1. a set of conflictsand the attendant implications between certain groups or individuals andthe authorities, which are shaped and expressed in the physical and socialspace of streets—from back alleys to the main avenues, from invisible

      It is a hidden set of laws that exists on the cities streets and social spaces that is expressive in the world of street politics. Where life does not seem to fizzle, life will sustain itself do any part of the built landscape and environment.

    2. While this conclusion enjoys muchplausibility, I want to suggest in this paper that there is more to neoliberal urbanity thanelite rule and subaltern’s failure. For the new realities of these cities tend to engendera new discrete form of politics

      It seems to me that there is a flip-side in all this. Creating a new form of politics it extends far beyond the limit in which something is called unsustainable. If people are able to reach a point and create new realities from their political/economical/social situation. Then it should be taken into consideration and thought.