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  1. Dec 2016
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    1. Her sample structured writing curriculum includes four mod-ules: defining structure, structuring content, analyzing content, and reusing content

      Some of her modules overlap with each other. Each module is like a different step: one would need to understand the context of what structure is before applying this term to content, and so on.

    2. metadata

      a set of data that describes and gives information about other data -google Since the boom of the internet, the term metadata had to be used since codes overlap each other with different information.

    3. there is a glaring lack of involvement in CMS design by technical com-munication practitioners, teachers, and researchers.

      It would be difficult to use a product that was developed without the user in mind. If the technical writers are not involved in the process of CMS, an entire different level of technical communication must take place to understand the developers choices in creating CMS.

    4. Rather than thinking of the end productof their work as tangible products or even documents, they are beginning to see theirefforts as part of an endless flow of information

      Once a technical communicator has done what they are told to do with data, whoever's in charge of the project can simply filter that technical writer's "end result" in with some other content someone else made or they made themselves.

    5. as a solution to the short-term memory problem, theQuintilian tradition’s view of the physical writing surface as a structured space,and thus a means for visual memory,

      Just as technical writers use content management to translate data for content, in order to memorize some this information in short-term is to use visual memory instead of textual.

    6. ROI

      "return on investment"

    7. (a) ascontent being complete texts, and presentation being output structure, navigation,and visual style; and (b) as content being content modules, and presentation beingoutput structure, navigation, visual style, and genre definition

      In this separation, content is the core concept, while the presentation is the ways in which that content is arranged and manipulated.

    8. Changing the way people work is animmensely difficult task, especially if the changes most clearly benefit the organi-zation while doing nothing clearly beneficial for the individual users

      Part of the challenge as a technical writer is the content matters more that the author. Of course the ways an individual technical writer my operate may seem better than the CMS framework, at the end of the day, it is the person who is instructing the technical writer who is the main focus, not the writer.

    9. XML
    10. “process of collecting, manag-ing, and publishing information to whatever medium you need”

      The basis of technical writing: the ability to take information and distribute it in the format that suits the situation