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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Now I delve into the deepest parts of my mind when I write.

      I found all the student words shared here powerful and moving. I wanted to highlight this part especially!

    2. The professor, who identified as a writer, wanted her students to witness the vulnerability involved in storying one’s experience

      I made note of this as a significant pedagogical move itself; to be a writer alongside students as they write.

    3. the full development of a writer depends on understanding oneself in relation to one’s world

      I am struck by the power of this statement in describing what constitutes the full development of a writer. What are the implications then for us as teachers of writing?

      I appreciate the ways that Johnson makes the connections here back to the social and cultural contexts of the students' lives, to Black literacy traditions in particular, as well as the importance of being a writer who is adding their own voice into the mix.