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  1. Feb 2017
    1. ''womanly" woman, with the special spirituality, purity, and love of home and children that nineleenth•century ideologies of "woman's sphere" deemed appropriate for the sex

      Brings the idea of audience up again for me. For this particular situation she found that being a "womanly woman" succeeded in moving the crowd her way. It is interesting to see as the other speakers we have read took the opposite approach, denying society's picture of a woman. By using her womanly tactics, the men they were simply "entertaining" her ideas.

    1. e learned to use his voice, nalurally deep and resonant, as a Jlexible inslrument that could range from rafter-shaking thunder to lenderly moving, quiet tones.

      Really love the extreme detail here given to the use of his voice in speaking. It is reminiscent of the comparison between men and women in Stewart. Perhaps Fred had a little bit of womanly softness with his "tenderly moving, quiet tones"