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  1. Apr 2022
    1. Paste item type (‘Paste-type’): Paste the item type of the source item to the target items. This will not change item field values. However, changing the type of a Zotero item modifies the list of its valid fields. It's important to realize that data in invalid fields will be lost!
      • INDEPNEDENT FUNCTION: change itemType!
      • WARNING: could lose data
    2. Paste all item fields (‘Paste-all’): Paste all item fields from source, even if they are empty. To edit specific item fields, select a source item and use "Copy item fields". Paste to a text editor, edit the JSON text, then copy the modified text back to the clipboard. Finally, select the target items and use "Paste all item fields". The itemType name/value pair needs to be kept in the JSON text because Zutilo uses its presence to decide whether to use the paste JSON commands in the context menu; its value is irrelevant for this function. You can, e.g., clear the URL field in multiple items by pasting {"itemType": "book", "url": ""}, which will not change any item types.
      • GOOD IDEA:
      • REQUIRED; field "itemType", but doesnt replace it!
    3. Paste into empty item fields: (‘Paste-into-empty’) paste where source has value and target has none/empty. Authors from the source are merged in even if the target already has authors.
      • WARNING: exception= authors, are merged
    4. Copy child items: Copy the child items of a selected item to an internal Zutilo clipboard (not the desktop clipboard). This function is meant to be used in conjunction with the "Relocate child items" function. Relocate child items: Move all items stored in Zutilo's internal clipboard (put there by the "Copy child items" function) to the currently selected item.
      • TEST
      • IMPORTANT: IT MOVES items!
    5. Item menu functions
      • DOC MENU
    1. Copy + edit + Paste-all: Clearing certain item fields in a large number of records You are creating a public library B from a library A. In this process, you want to clear some fields from a set of items in library B. For example, you may wish to remove a set of archive locations, or extras, or similar. Create a blank item (of the same type), copy it. Edit the JSON on the clipboard to keep only fields to be cleared. Then use Paste-all to clear those fields in a number of source items.
      • GOOD IDEA