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  1. Jul 2022
    1. All students alluded to the need to developnot only academic skills but also self-management. This included skills such asdeveloping work/life balance, self-control,confidence, and become discerning in theirchoices around study

      University life is about developing self and time management skills. Students are expected to be adults, therefore, balacning all aspects of life is an important skills that students will realise and develop in order to servive, progresss and complete their studies.

    2. thiscontemporary environment, a sociallyinclusive approach must necessarily seekto understand the diversity of students’experiences and consider ways to developapproaches to learning which are inclusiveof all students irrespective of their level ofacademic preparedness and socio-culturalbackground

      It is only through understanding the needs and experiences of all students that we can use socially inclusive approach.