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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Annotation 2:

      Based on the downtown parking lot that has experienced an increase in car breaks, I would include community stakeholders when identifying the problems and or solutions. Often times, based on experience when car theft is happening where parking lots or car dealerships it’s an inside job so when you hold stakeholders accountable it requires them getting involved and being responsible for the customers who experience auto theft.

      The stakeholders include groups of violent crimes, elected officials who service the community where the crime is happening and the business itself. Why? because for one example, if you include city officials, they have funding to help get security, cameras and support to protect community members.

      What I learned from one of the readings is that community oriented policing is important. According to the Literature Review- A product of the Model Programs Guide stats that “COP is a redefinition of the relationship between the police and the community, so that the two collaborate to identify and solve community problems.”

      Reference Literature Review, A Product of The Model Programs Guide; Community – and Problem-Oriented Policing; last updated: October 2010 Interactions between Youth and Law Enforcement Literature Review (ojp.gov)