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  1. May 2019
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    1. The body of research of family involvement continues to leave largely unnamedand unexamined existing assumptions about the dominant narrative of schooling.This narrative displays the role of families in schools and the impact of the homeculture on schooling: student academic achievement is the purpose and outcomeof involving families in schools (Henderson, 1987; Henderson, Mapp, Johnson, &Davies, 2007; Jeynes, 2007; Stanton-Salazar, 1997; Stanton-Salazar, Chavez, &Tai, 2001). With such a narrow focus, opportunities for re-imagining theinteraction of families and schools are significantly constrained within traditionalschool environments.

      This is related to my Action Research. I'm excited to see what we learn in this class. The overall limited focus of schools involving home life and culture for students, is continually related only to the student's academic performance and outcome. This continued approach paralyzes any effort to expand and embrace alternative perspectives, which is quite unfortunate. :-(