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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Now notes of desperation have begunto overtake my hearing; now I comewhere mighty lamentation beats against me.

      This is a moment where Dante's focus on human sensibility is illuminated. Conflicting feelings overwhelm him because he is hearing the cries of the Lustful. An action commonly considered beautiful and attractive transformed into something disgusting due to the setting, and the fact that these cries are not from a single person you love. Dante often uses human sensibility, or the lack of human perception in this case, to express a heightened sense of feeling. These "notes of desperation" began to overpower his hearing and he reaches the point in his journey that lamentation hurts. Lamentation is simply the expression of such grief. Dante often uses water imagery to express feelings of aggression or disgust, and in this case, it works quite well because the opposing winds one hears when a storm is taking place is like the sea being beat with opposing winds. He too indirectly expresses the opposition of being in the presence sexuality and simultaneously feeling disgust.