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  1. Mar 2019
    1. The focus areas that were addressed in the methodology for this report were nutritional value, relative environmental impact, flavour, accessibility, acceptability and affordability

      This portion of the document explains every detail that went into picking each food. The process includes many different measures of sustainability and health. All of the science is current and accurate.


      This comprehensive list of varied references makes the document very reliable.

    3. n writing this report, Knorr, WWF and Adam Drewnowski are grateful for input and review from experts at Bioversity International, Crops For the Future, EAT Foundation, Edelman, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), Food Reform for Sustainability and Health (FReSH), GAIN, Global Crop Diversity Trust, Gro Intelligence, Oxfam GB, SDG2 Advocacy Hub, Wageningen University and Yolélé Foods. This report ultimately reflects the views of Knorr, WWF and Adam Drewnowski.

      I believe that this makes Knorr Unilever seem reliable as a source as well as making the content seem reliable, and the author objective and understanding. This is because the 3 authors of the document collaborated with so many different sources to write the paper. It would seem that have a well-rounded grasp of the topic.

    1. r. Adam Drewnowski is a world-renowned leader in the study of obesity and social disparities in diets and health. He is Professor of Epidemiology and the Director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the School of Public Health. He is also the Director of the University of Washington Center for Obesity Research, which addresses the environmental, social and economic aspects of the obesity epidemic. Dr. Drewnowski is a Joint Member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

      Adam Drewnowski is the main author. He not only has a degree in disease studies, he is the director of a public health center, director of UW obesity research, and a cancer research institute. These qualifications and experiences with a variety of educational and research institutions shows us that he throughly understands his topic.

    1. what really struck me is that, in the end, the outcomes of any story are conditioned by nature. And losing a piece of nature has an effect on each of us. As a photographer, the more I tell people and their problems, the more I realize I'm photographing nature "
    2. But you know, good projects are a bit like cherries, one leads to another. Thus the Lavazza Calendar 2019 (available online at lavazza.it) launches a photographic call to action to personally participate in the "Good to Earth" mission.
    1. The artistic interventions, seen through the lens of the famous American photojournalist Ami Vitale , support important messages to defend the planet, celebrating the places in the world where human intervention is bringing good news for the Earth. The care for our future, the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity thus become poetic images and at the same time a call to action for all of us.
    1. And it is also the reason why a "photo call to action" was launched, which invites people to take photos that document good practices with respect to environmental protection, which will then be posted on social networks with the hashtag #GoodtoEarth .
    2. In his long career, Vitale has told the most pristine corners of the world, with the aim, above all, of communicating how much the safeguard of the planet is fundamental for human life itself.
    1. instead, appears the portrait of a woman, perhaps a warrior, perhaps the last exponent of a primitive tribe threatened by deforestation , portrayed on plexiglass plates, a peculiar technique that allows her body to appear and disappear among the vegetation , as if it were actually there. Hidden and waiting to find out what will be of his future.
    2. a symbol not only of Lavazza , but also of the fact that our future belongs to us and it is up to us to defend the earth, even with small daily gestures.
    1. The launch marks the introduction of E.ON’s new global brand position which reflects its desire to deliver innovative customer solutions that help create a better tomorrow. E.ON has worked closely with global marketing services network, Engine, on digital content for the campaign which will transform E.ON’s social platform and website with dedicated content seeded across channels
    2. The film paves the way for unveiling of the ‘E.ON Kong Solar Studio’, a concept based on the band’s original Kong Studios, which offers a solar and battery storage powered creative space for music projects. Using the power generated by E.ON solar PV panels, Gorillaz’ Kong Studios 2.0 will come to life at night and provide aspiring music artists the opportunity to create new tracks which will appear on eon.com/gorillaz.
    1. In a notoriously low-interest sector, the aim of the event was to raise awareness of the new E.ON brand since its decision to sell off its power generation business and focus instead on sustainable energy options.
    2. To achieve this, E.ON and its agency WCRS partnered with the band Gorillaz, which was picked because of its technical innovation, creativity and collaborative style. To allow people to get close to the technology and physically experience it, the brand created Kong Solar Studios, a replica of Gorillaz’s original Kong Studios that was by day a fan experience and at night a solar-powered studio where up and coming talent could create music.
    1. The studio will further travel with Gorillaz on their world tour from this month until November, acting as the driving force behind the campaign aiming to show E.ON as a purpose-led brand
    1. project represents not only quality coffee but peace and redemption for the local community.
    1. The Lavazza Calendar “Good to Earth” tells the story of the good example set by people who are committed to protecting the planet, in the form of photographs by Ami Vitale and six works of art set in the natural environment. Because, despite everything, there is goodness on Earth.
    1. That is why the positive art of Good to Earth works against the one-way narrative of the Earth as a sick patient and chooses instead to tell stories of virtuous behaviour and environmental requalification, which, it is hoped, will have an influence on people, and young people in particular, inspiring them to make their own commitment to protect the planet.
    1. The commercial tells the story of the journey that Lavazza’s new bio-organic coffee takes from its place of origin to us, through a series of videos that alternate between man and his environment in a natural and surprising way. The screens where different images chase each other and merge are the very hands themselves: different every time, belonging to men, women and children, they talk about life lived, dedication and experience.