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  1. Feb 2016
      1. What was the "Black Legend" and how did other European powers use it to justify their attempts to compete with Spain for empire in the Americas?
      2. The Spanish were doing terrible things in the America by bring the population from 60,000 to 17,000 in the time they were here in America. Other European countries talked down on them for what they were doing to the New World. Spain called it a "black legend" because they thought they were rumors that other European countries were throwing out. The other European countries thought they could help the Americans out by bringing their own way of living over and help them get away from the Spanish cruelty.

      3. In what ways did the French presence in North America differ from the Spanish?

      4. The French came to the Americas and treated the natives with respect. They did not kill, enslave or try to conquer the natives who had lived there before. Unlike the Spanish, the French formed an alliance with the Indians and shared Christianity with the Natives rather than killing them because they wanted the land.
      5. What role did slavery play in Dutch attempts to establish Empire? -The slaves built everything in Amsterdam for the Dutch. Without the slaves the Dutch would have nothing of their own because they would not have built everything that they have. The empire would have crashed if the trade routes were not kept up to speed. If it was not for the slaves, the Dutch would have been having a totally different outlook of where they were.