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  1. Sep 2016
    1. From all the jails the Boys and Girls Ecstatically leap— Beloved only Afternoon That Prison doesn’t keep They storm the Earth and stun the Air, A Mob of solid Bliss— Alas—that Frowns should lie in wait For such a Foe as this—

      I can really see the argument here. Poetry is really a wild art form. Its structured, but supposed to be free flowing. It is literally an ambiguous art form.

    1. How are evolving technologies (like the iPad) helping to enliven (or disengage us from) the materiality of literary texts?

      Well for one thing it allows us to store all of the most referenced and revered canonical texts of humanity on a single device. In short it makes things more convenient to access. If I wanted to read the Dead Sea Scrolls, I'd have to become a world famous historian who specializes in dead sea antiquities. Nowadays, i can pull up a digital scan of the scrolls as well as a translation into Ebonics on my phone. Ten times more convenient.