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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Innovative learning, on the other hand, refers to becoming familiar with unfamiliar situations that have no clear precedent for action, or with managing familiar situations in better ways, such as seeking alternative solutions to existing problems.

      This innovative learning is clearly important for designers. I think that modifying an existing situation to try and make it better would be far easier than a completely unfamiliar one. This lends itself to more creativity due to no clear previous path.

    1. (1) gaining the attention of the learners, (2) demonstrating the relevance of the instruction to the learners, (3) instilling learners with confidence to succeed with the instruction, and (4) deriving satisfaction when they do.

      This model is a great way to ensure engagement with learners. Specifically part 2 and 3 stuck out to me as key. The second point was that we must demonstrate relevance of instruction. This is fixes that question that always seems to come up, "Why are we doing this if I'll never use it in real life?". Any time I preface a lesson with why we are learning something and how it is necessary in our lives my students always seem to receive it better. Part 3 noted that we must instill confidence to succeed. Giving students the confidence to try hard things is vital to success.