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  1. Nov 2016
    1. Exercise: role-playing about a second half of the19th century vals. They do some groups to make all this points and explain to the rest of the groups their researches.

      • First step: students should make a little research about changes over the borders of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Goal: to know where the Empire was.
      • Second step: common features about climate traits that determine some social relationships.
      • Third step: virtual guides over some cities like Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest: cultural characteristics (folklore, mores). Main monuments of these cities and organisation of the city.
      • Fourth step: little research about nationalism, romanticism, Court culture. Little comparison with Wagner’s nationalism.
      • Fifth step: about garments instead of being dressed like in this period, they have to come to the classroom dressed formally as nowadays but with some characteristic elements like medals, tiara, etc.
      • Sixth step: Dance with each other and ENJOY! Trying to have some characteristic features on their behaviour and acting like Germans, Austrians, Czechs, etc. as seen in classroom: who can fit or not with each other and why; mainly everyone against the Austrians. o Besides: not everyone is a high social class, but most of them acting like servants. Made by: Carlos Fuertes, Josep Rostoll, Alicia Martí, Amador Yera, Josep Coret, Angela Cortes, Amanda Navarro