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  1. Feb 2019
    1. m. Culture , language, and learning are all so tied up in each other. I am also daily amazed at assumptions and how that can really constrict teaching and learning. If you assume certain things about a child's home environ- ment or experience and state that it is NULL and VOID- what have you done to the child? When we learn in every course that learning is building on a child's prior knowledge and making connections to what they know- what happens when society says your learning outside of school is not good or doesn't mat

      I find this quote to be very important. The statement that, "Assumptions...can really constrict teaching and learning"goes along with my last annotation, which states that ambiguity is the warp of life, not something to be eliminated. When we assume and judge people, especially students when we are in an authoritative position over them as their teacher, we can do a lot of damage. Assuming things about their personality and/or home life can have many unintended consequences, such as us perhaps not holding the child to high enough standards or lowering our expectations. It is very important to not judge and assume things about our students, because, as Sonja states in this quote, assumptions can really constrict learning. Furthermore, she asserts that learning is building on a child's prior knowledge, so having a clear understanding of who the child is, and why, can help create a more conducive environment in which they may learn.

    2. Ambiguity is the warp of life, not something to be elimin

      This quote resonated with me because ambiguity is essential to learning. Keeping an open mind and being conscientious of new information and conflicting views creates mental flexibility and dexterity.