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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Ezra Jennings

      Interesting that he refers to Ezra by his full name (as opposed to the pretty servant). Even though he doesn't know anything about the person but the way he looks, Franklin appears to admire him. On the other hand, perhaps so as to subdue his admiration/jealousy for him, he pities Ezra for "being unpopular everywhere," implicitly preening himself for being so well-known.

  2. Jul 2018
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    1. which seems to grow keener and keener, as the time comes nearer and nearer when I shall endure and feel no more? How useless to ask these questions! Mr. Blake has given me a new interest in life. Let that be enough, without seeking to know what the new interest is.

      Ezra Jennings expressed his yearning for human sympathy and his admiration for Mr.Franklin here. It appeared to me that nearly every character of the novel had some reason to adore Mr.Franklin. The peculiarity of Jennings is that he had long been plagued by distrust and dwelt in solitude. This and the impending death painted his affection towards Franklin rather melancholy, since this affection was intertwined with his crave for youth, riches, health, etc., all of which he had never, and probably would never have, an opportunity, to possess.