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  1. Feb 2016
    1. Wave after wave she unleashed, until much of the land was underwater and many of the people were drowned.

      Olokun seems very bitter and full of rage not caring about how many other she would kill

    1. A long time ago human beings lived high up in what is now called heaven.

      The humans arrived in the world by coming from heaven.

    2. When the boys had grown to man’s estate, they decided that it was necessary for them to increase the size of their island,

      The twins created the world to become larger and modified the animals and plant life.

    3. After much discussion the toad was finally persuaded to dive to the bottom of the waters in search of soil. Bravely making the attempt, he succeeded in bringing up soil from the depths of the sea. This was carefully spread over the carapace of the Turtle, and at once both began to grow in size and depth.

      The animals helped the women when she came through the hole. The also helped prepare the earth for the women to live there.