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  1. Aug 2018
    1. As when Alcides from Oechalia Crown'd With conquest, felt th' envenom'd robe, and tore Through pain up by the roots Thessalian Pines, And Lichas from the top of Oeta threw [ 545 ] Into th' Euboic Sea.

      Alcides is actually the French name for Heracles (Hercules in Latin). When Hercules defeated the centaur Nessus who tried to rape his wife Deinara, the dying centaur told Deinara that if gives Heracles a robe dyed with the centaur's blood, that Heracles will never love another. Deinara then has her servant Lichas deliver the robe to Heracles - neither of them knowing the revengeful dying centaur's robe was poisoned, and that Heracles put it on, he would burn to death. As he was dying, Heracles expressed his rage - killing Lycas in the process.