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  1. Nov 2017
    1. The Effect of Education on Quality of Life in Elderly Females with Urinary Incontinence, Refereeing to Jahandidegan Center in Shiraz-Iran, 2011

      I think this article is very relevant because it is not soley information focused. I like that it is a study that was conducted. My question is this something we want to incorporate in our infographic? Do we want a study? Also since it is from 2011, should we try to find another study or is this the most recent and relevant study for our topic? Let me know.

    1. Urinary Incontinence in Older Adults

      This article is very informative! I like how descriptive it is but summarized and concise at the same time. I agree with you Ari this is an important article for our foundation of our infographic. We should definitely meet and discuss this article as a group as we begin to draft our infographic.

    1. Pathophysiology

      I like this article a lot. I think that there is also a lot of useful information throughout the article. I especially like this patho section. We should meet and discuss amongst ourselves whether we want to include some patho or not. I believe this article can be very useful throughout our presentation.

    1. Where do I start?

      I really like this website and this article that was published. Like you said Ari, it is very summarized and to the point which is what we need for this assignment. I like this section titled "Where do I start" because this provides information about noninvasive techniques to treat incontinence.