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  1. Sep 2017
    1. The view about the absenceof a right to privacy is an isolated observation which cannot coexist with the essential determination rendered on the first aspect of the regulation. Subsequent Benches of this Court in the last five decades and more, have attempted to make coherent doctrine out of the uneasy coexistence between the first and the second parts of the decision in Kharak Singh

      Kharak Singh - the observation on absence of rt to privacy an isolated one at variuance with the first part?

    2. Kharak Singhregards the sanctity of the home and the protection against unauthorized intrusion an integral element of “ordered liberty”
    3. the above extract indicates the view of the majority that the right of privacy is not guaranteed under the Constitution
    4. The decision of the majority in Kharak Singhsuffers from an internal inconsistency.

      Internal inconsistency in Kharak Singh. Part reliance on the privacy doctrine in Wolf v. Colorado to repel the domiciallry visits by reading it into ordered liberty, yet denial of privacy under 21.